Summer Love 👙


1. The Surprise🎉

I opened one eye,as story of my life came blasting through my iPod speakers. Saturday morning. I got up,stretched then opened my silk pink curtains. "Moll,dear,come down here a minute!" My mother shouted from downstairs. She sounded really excited! I smiled and ran downstairs. I ran over to her and gave her a big hug. My best friend! She had moved to Australlia! The last time I seen her was on the airport 3 years ago!

I must admit,I did shred a year,or loads. I just couldn't believe it! She was back! Jess was back! It felt sureal! I just wanted to hug her forever and never let her leave! "Hey Moll! I'm back, I left Australia. I ran way. Just to see you. It's so surreal!" My heart dropped I paused and unwrapped my hands around her. "You,you ran away? Jess,why?" I said,I must have sounded quite angry. "Wellll,I missed you. I wanted to come and say hello!" She said back as if it wasn't a problem. "Jess,when's your flight back?" "Tomorrow!" She said excitedly. I ran upstairs crying. Why could she do this to me? Just come for a day and then go? She's ran away, her mum doesn't know where she is. Neither her dad. Why? Thoughts went through my head, ingot more and more stressed. I put in my earphones and listened to Midnight Memories by One Direction. They're my favourite band I got out my pinky lilac journal out and wrote;

Thursday 12th December

Dear Diary, why could she does this to me! She's came and going back. TOMORROW. My mum

Probably hates me now. I don't care anymore. I only care for 1D. Because they're the only family I've got!

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