Depression diaries

The depression diary
The words of a broken girl.
She speak her heart soul and emotion through he power of words even though words where the things that broke her combined with physical hurt.
50% true x :(


2. Six years

Six years, ifs hard to forget six years of your life. Every word every comment every action. Hue pushing the names the hate. The scars... 

I moved house when I was 5 years old. I moved to a small village. I lived next to this girl, and she hated me. She still does, but I don't know why or what I did to her. Did I do anything or did I just forget what I did. She stopped bullying me when I turned 11. Well she still hates me and does the odd thing but it's not every day Anymore it's once every month. 

I found it hard to make new friends, I was so close to my old ones that have probably forgotten me now. But I remember them and all the fun we had. My favorite memory is when me and my six best friends got the whole school in one conga line! 

I soon made two friends. But one was a boy in year 6 that lived down the road from me. He was the first person I met. My other was a girl my age a couple months older.she also lived down the street from me how boy left school and in year 3 so did the girl, her mam took her to a different school.

soon after I made friends with another girl her name Alyssa. But she was also best friends with another girl. My school enemy Ariana! We would always fight over who was friends with Alyssa. In the end we both own but both lost. It was the three of us together. I was even closer to Ariana than with Alyssa after a year. 

I soon got many new friends and I still have most of them still in year 8. But I I still have thoughts, I still have hate, I still have pain.

even though in the six years I had soon amazing times the worst times always suck out the most 

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