The Wrong School

One girl has a very wild dream... But who says it won't come true??


7. Potions

As me, Sis and Ginny walked into the dungeons, we realised our terrible fate. We were late. Snape's back was turned, so we thought that we could sneak into our places and act as if nothing had happened. But as per usual we were wrong. Ginny went fitst, and as she tried tyo slip silently into her corner seat, Snape whipped around and glared at her menacingly. Then he did the same to us.

"Ah..." He spoke softly now, but still with a hint of menace in his voice.

"Grangers. I had enough of your parents, Cherry and Seth, and now they have to go and have you two. Moly and Arthur, too." His piercing black eyes grew unconditionally darker.

"Detention, you three. For a month. Starting tonight."

I hated him right now. I'd hate him forever. The cockroach stood, smirking with his mouth but not his eyes. A sign of evilness, I thought. Right then he shouted; ''Class dismissed!!" and walked out of the room, his black cloak flaring out behind him.

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