The Wrong School

One girl has a very wild dream... But who says it won't come true??


6. Dorm Mates

Me and Sis (who BTW is Hermione) are in the same dorm, and we speedily got beds next to each other. Alao in are dorm were:

Ginny Weasley;

Pavarti Patil;

Padma Patil.

They were all really nice, but me and sis quickly befriended Ginny, and learned a lot about her and her exceedingly large family.

She has six brothers and is the first female Weasley for generations.


Authors note;

Sorry if I'm confusing you, I just reaaly wanted Ginny and Hermione to be in this book, but I needed it to be Hermione's first year!! Sorry Again if the years are confusing you!!

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