The Wrong School

One girl has a very wild dream... But who says it won't come true??


8. Detention

Detention was awful, especially as it was with Professor Cockroach (Snape). Also he made us scrub out potion basins and told us that we would be that some nights and polishing the trophys others. All without magic. I mean, is he Sirius or what??

Anyway, it turns out that Snape had a fascination with cockroaches, and Sis blurted out:

"If he spends any more time with those... Creatures, he'll turn into one!!" She said this with humour and disgust, as she hated bugs and creepy crawlies.

I thought I was being witty when I replied with:

"I think he already is one!!" and me Sis and Ginny all burst out laghing, but obviously not. All it did was get us an angry stare and an extra week in detention. It was our first full day at Hogwarets aswell!!

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