My 2 Irish Children

So Hannah Black is 20 years old living with her ... Yep you guessed it 2 Irish kids. She also lives with her brown headed friend Haley and Haley's boyfriend Liam Payne. All of a sudden Liam decides to his ya reunion to show Niall his kids. But what will Niall do? Leave Hannah? Stay with her? Find out in "My 2 Irish Children."


6. Chapter 5

My 2 Irish Children part 5 Hannah's POV I open the door and a blonde Irish man stands there. " Well come on in." I say. I move aside so he can come in. " Thanks for inviting me. I hoping we could patch things up and get back together." He says. " Me too boo." I say using his pet name. " want to watch a movie?" I ask. "Sure." He says. I go to the pantry and get out some popcorn and put it in the microwave. I go and get a bowl and set it on the counter. " What movie do you want to watch?" I asked him. " I was thinking Titanic." He said. " k" I said . The microwaved beeped and put the popcorn in the bowl and walked over to the couch. I pulled out a blanket and sat in the couch. Niall sat down with me and I cuddled up into his chest. He was surprised at first by it, but them relaxed. Karen's POV I finally got Hannah and Liam's. I walk to the door and knocked on the door. I pick up the carriers and wait. I heard footsteps and relax. Hannah's POV I hear a knock on the door and open it. And there is Karen standing there with Ava and lil Liam. I step out into the hallway and close the door behind me. I say " crap Karen I'm sorry. I totally forgot." " it's fine dear but your gonna have to tell him sometime. " she tells me. " yeah I know, I just don't know how." I say. How the hell do I tell seething like that. " well tomorrow is Father's Day. Tell him then." She suggests. " well where do they for now?." I ask. " I have to go some where but call zayn or Louis. They'll know." She hands my the kids and walks off. I set them down and poke my head in the door. " Ni I have to drop a package off down at Zayn's I'll be back in a minute. " I lie. " do you want me to come with you?" He ask getting ready to get up. " no it's fine. I'll be back in a few." I say. I close the door and head over to Zayn's. I knock on the door and Perrie answers. " um..." She starts. " Perrie they are mine." I say flatly. " is Zayn here?" I ask hoping he isn't. " no he is Bradford. He will be back tomorrow." She says " do you mind watching them for a bit?" I ask. " not at all I'd love to." She says. " thank you so much Perrie I owe you one. " I say. " no problem babes. Call me when you are going to pick them up." She says. " I will bye" I say and hurry home. When I get back Niall is asleep slightly snoring with drool hanging from his lip. I go over to the couch and straddle his waist. I wipe off the drool with my finger and kiss him. He wakes up slowly and runs his hands through my hair and kisses back. We do this for about 2 minutes. I pull back a say " hungry?" He smiles and nods. I get up walk to the kitchen. I open the fridge and look for something to make for lunch. I pull out a pound of hamburger and taco stuff. " tacos ok with you?" I ask. " yep" he replies. I pull out a pan and heat the stove. I cook the meat then chop tomatoes and lettuce. I grab plates and yell " lunch!" Niall comes to the island and takes his plate. We eat in silence and then he says "So what was in the package?" " oh just something I ordered from Amazon for him." I lie through my teeth. "Oh ok." He says. We finish lunch in silence and I text Zayn that if Niall asks him about package to say it was hair product. He texts back with an 'ok?'. " want some sweet tea?" I ask. " hell yes! Man I missed your sweet tea so much!" He exclaims. I go and pour 2 big glasses of sweet tea. I walk back into the living room and sit next to Niall and hand him the glass. He takes a sip and kisses me. I kiss back and smile against his lips. He pulls away and says "its sweet but not as sweet as you" I blush and look at the ground. I look my watch and a realise its 6:30. "Oh shit McKenzie, Allyson, and Perrie are coming over soon for our sleepover. , You have to leave!" I say. " so soon?" He asks. " yes boo. See you tomorrow. " I say and peck him on the cheek. " ok fine bye. Same time tomorrow princess." He says as he leaves. As the door closes I go and call Perrie. (Convo with Perrie) P-hello? H- hey Perrie P- hey Hannah what's up H- nothing just coming to grab the twins P-oh ok H- do want to come over tonight? P- sure for a sleepover? H - eh. Kind of more like a how the hell to Niall about Ava and Lil Liam. P- that sound legit ament H- k thanks see you in a few P- bye H- bye I hang up my phone and put on my shoes. I grab my keys and walk out the door. I lock the door and head to Zayn's flat. I get there and Zayn opens the door. " Can I come in?" I ask but in head I'm like shit,shit, shit. "Yeah" he says. I walk in and see Perrie holding my crying baby boy. I take him in my arms and quiet him down. "So Boo something you want to tell me?" Zayn asks. " ok. These are mine and Niall's babies. But he doesn't know and I'm telling him tomorrow. The babies names are Ava Marie and Liam Anthony. " i explain quickly. "Why name it after Liam?" He asks. " Because I had a best friend back home and he was the best friend ever have. He may be gay but I love him to pieces. " I explain. " oh I thought you named after Liam down the sidewalk. " he says. " well I better get going Perrie are you ready?" I say. " yep all packed." She says She kisses him on the cheek and picks up Ava's carrier. I secured lil Liam in his and we make our down to my flat. We reach the flat and Haley is siting on the couch on the phone with Liam. " yeah just go hang out with Zayn." She says. I put my keys on the counter and take Ava's carrier out of Perrie's hand and take them to my room. I take them out and lay them in their bassinet. I go back into the living room and call Allyson. McKenzie shows up 5 minutes later with her stuff. Allyson pops in at around seven. We order 4 large pepperoni pizza and out my stash of soda. We go to my room and start to brain storm.

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