Talking To The Moon *Sequel to Counting Stars*

**SEQUEL TO Counting Stars** Lela and Ashton finally ran away together. They have a place of their own. The air is thick though. She knows she ran away from some issues but running doesn't make them go away. To add to the thoughts, an important questions runs into her, someone comes to their life that Ashton is unsure of, and Lela finds out something that could change the whole course of their lives.


6. Keep Calm

Keep Calm


I walk into Emily's house. She was sitting on a chair in the kitchen already waiting for me. She glances at the chair next to her signaling for me to sit down. I bite my lip and shake my head.

"You okay?" She asks. I shrug my shoulders. "Use your words honey." Emily says. I sigh.

"Emily, I don't know what to do." I say quickly.

"Start with these." She slid four small boxed towards me and smiled.


Emily sat next to me as we started at the timer. It buzzed and she shot up out of her chair.

"Oh my God..."

"Emily? What?" I started to panic.

"Calm down, Lela. Sweetie, You're going to have a baby." She said softly.

"A BABY!? I'm not ready to have a baby. I didn't even plan on having any kids! What am I going to do?!" Yep, I was panicking.

"Lela. What you are going to do is tell Ash."

"Okay. Oh my shit! What is Ashton going to do!? What if he doesn't want kids! We aren't even married yet! What if Ashton hates kids?!" I started hyperventilating.

"CALM DOWN!" Emily yelled. It didn't calm me down. Instead. I started crying.


"I'm sorry please don't cry. Sit down." I continued to cry, but I sat down. "Listen, Lela, this is nothing to cry about. You should be happy. You are going to be a mom. You're going to have a family. Its like God gave you a second chance at a normal home."

"Emily. My mom died after she gave birth to me. She held me once and then she was gone. Heart disease runs in my mothers side of the family and hers just couldn't handle it. What if that happens to me?"

"It wont."

"You don't know that!" I yelled.

"I do know that!"

"No! No one ever knows that! Its so sudden!" 

"Lela, stress is bad for the baby."


"How about, We take you to the doctors to find out how many months along you are. Okay? We will figure out the rest later." Emily said. I nodded, standing up and immediately going to the car.


Two months along. In seven months I am going to be a mom.



"I feel kinda sick... can you drive me home...?" I asked. She nodded and took me home.


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