Niall Horan Imagine


1. part -1

you-hey bbe

Niall-hey how are u bbe

You-good wen u coming home i miss u!!

Niall-tonight i promise

You-ok i'll be waiting for u

Later That Night

*hears a knock*

You-who is it?

*no answer*

You-who is it?

Niall-*girl voice*its me Gemma

You-oh*opens door* OMFG NiALL you're home!!:')

Niall-yea i told u i wuz gonna be here tonight

You-i got a surprise for u but u gotta come upstairs

Niall-OK!!!ima be there

*upstairs in ur bedroom*

You-i love u niall nd i dont want to lose u!!

Niall-y/n i gotta tell u something!.....

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