Sunken Trouble

Callie was never the person to be thrown in jail for something she didn't do! She never even thought that Niall Horan would be the one to bail her out and have the best day ever!!


1. I'm not a bad person!

Callie's POV

I'm not a bad person, and it wasn't my fault! Somehow I ended up in a freaking jail cell with a weirdo cell mate. So here's what happened- I was at a one direction concert, singing along to Story Of My Life and all of the sudden Niall falls off stage and you know being a directioner I freaked and ran through the ropes and to him to make sure he was ok and then the SATAN body guards pulled me back and next thing I knew I was in a police car. So here I am in a jail cell for "attacking Niall" and sadly enough my parents didn't bail me out so looks like i'm in here for the next six months! One day I was doing my normal rutine ( sitting on the icy metal bed and staring at the ceiling ) then all of the sudden my cell guard opened the bars and told me I was "free" and someone bailed me out, so I screamed excitedly and went with him. Then it hit me, who the heck would want to bail me out?? I was pondering the question when I came to the office and you would never guess who was sitting in the waiting chairs. FREAKING THE NIALL HORAN! Niall James Horan was the one who bailed me out!!

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