Advice from me!

I love giving out advice. My friends would always come to me for advice about anything. If you have anything you want advice about or just want to talk to somebody about something, just comment it and I will do my best to answer you!


3. Rose Malfoy Weasley

Writers block. I hate it so much. I've had writers block for a while now but I think I know how you can overcome it. For you Rose Malfoy Weasley, I would suggest taking a day or so off of writing and relax. You can relax your mind and that might help you come up with new ideas. I normally research what I'm doing like I reread parts in Percy Jackson to help with that fanfic. I'm also writing a Harry Potter book right now. For that, I check out certain books and read what I want to put in my story. Doing this really helps get new ideas.

For anyone who has writers block, relax and take it easy for a few days. Letting your mind and body rest will help you get new ideas. 


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