The Killers

It all starts one normal Friday. Two best friends go to a basket ball game to support there friend Nile wile he plays. Little did they know what would happen that night. Want to know what happens read for yourself!


4. Nikie's House

after she said that me and Nicole were on the look out for any guy that looked like the one we saw at the basketball game. After we made it to the house Nikie's mom called mrs. Smith and asked if I could spend the night. She said yes and after their conversation I asked " did you tell her about our little mishap?" I did not want mrs. Smith wearying about me. " no I thought you should talk to her about it or I could tell her when we drop you off tomorrow." Nicole was in her room and I herd her call my name " that would be fine I don't want to tell her." " ok I will tell her tomorrow." I herd Nicole call my name again. " I'm coming!!!" I ran up to her room to find her petting her cat spooky and shuffling a deck of cards " want to play?" She called me up here for that? " yah ok sounds good." We plaid a bunch of card games for around two hours. But out of no where she asks me " do you think he is cute?" " what who?" I ask shocked " you know.......Jack ." " What?!?! He's my brother or half brother or something like that." Is she serious I mean yes I have thought him to be quite attractive but I've never really like liked him before. I mean I've known him all my life...... I was cut off by Nicole snapping her fingers in my face. " Since when has that stopped people from getting hitched! So what his family adopted you! Can I be your Maid of honer?" What is this girl thinking!!! Has she gone mad?!?! " WHAT?!?!?!?! NO!! Well yes you will be my maid of honer but not then! That will never happen!" " wow so you really don't like him.... So what do you think about that guy I think his name is Gregory..... Do you think he is cute?" Ok she got the message " well...... Kinda he's just so..." I was cut of again by Nicole's endless ranting about how she could so tell I was in love and that we were mint to be and all that Jas. after a wile I got a text from an unknown number saying " I'm coming for you." I throe my phone agents the wall and backed up to a corner of the room. I was terrified. I started to cry and scream and panic all at the same time. Nicole ran up to me and put her arms around me for conferred. " hey calm down! it's ok! It's ok! Tell me why the text said." I could tell she was just as scared as I was. I pointed to my phone and she want and got it. I'm surprised it was still in one peace. "Mom.!.!.!.!.!.!" Nicole shouted. A few seconds later her mom came running up the stairs " what! What's wrong?!" Nicole showed her the text. Her mom looked at me very concerned. " I'm going to call your mom! Your family needs to know!" She went down stairs to call mrs. Smith my mom I don't know why I just couldn't call her my mom. I calmed down and then looked at my phone I knowdist the phone number that just sent that horrific text was not the same as the one that texted to one that said " I see you". "Hey Nicole look." She looked at my phone and looked back at me and said "either you killer has more then one phone or you have more then one killer." The way she said " your killer " sent shivers down my spine.

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