Wings of faith


3. Chapter three

I didn't know where I was going or where I was going to stay but, I didn't care. I realized that I didn't have any clothes or anything. I would have to go home and grab something's that will get me through the week, then I can focus on my next move. When I got back to the house I ran upstairs grabbed a few shirts, underwear and pants I grabbed the secret stash of money that mom kept and my own money then ran outside back to my car. I sat in the car and counted the money I had over three thousand dollars that I could spend. Enough to for to get by for awhile. The first thing I need to get is food I am starving. I went to this little diner by the school that Jay, Jack and I used to go to all the time. When I walked in it was packed with family and their little kids sitting in the red leather booths to go along with the 80's theme. I sat down at a table in the corner away from all the family's on the other side of the diner. The waitress came she was chewing gum and had an attitude I also recognized her from school. I order a hamburger fries and a chocolate shake. As I was waiting I felt like someone was watching me I tensed up and looked around. Then someone came through the door, and Alex walked in. Oh God I thought please don't notice me please don't come over here. As if he read my mind he looked over in my direction, our eyes locked for a second before I looked away. I glanced up and saw that he was walking right towards me with a grin in his face. My stomach felt like it flipped. He smiled at me and sat down across from me.

"It looks like you have had a long day." He said to me. I just looked at him and crossed my arm across my chest.

"Ok I'm guessing you don't want to talk about."

"Hmm where did you get that idea."

"I don't know I guess I'm just good at reading people." He said with a lazy smile. The waitress came by with my food then walked away. Alex reached across the table and took a fry off of my plate.

"So, is that the reason you came over to take my food?" I asked

He laughed "No it looked like you were alone so I thought I could come and hang out with you. So, can I stay?" I thought about this for a moment I would like the company no matter how good looking and sweet and kinda what I am I thinking.

"Fine." I said at last.

"Do you want to talk about it."

"There really isn't anything to talk about my mom and brother got into a fight again. My best friend and I just got into a fight. I don't know where to go so, yep that was my day how was your day." I told him of course I lied to him about mom and Derek I wasn't going to cause anymore attention to my self.

"I'm sorry that doesn't sound like a very good day. And my day was pretty good I meet a lot of cool people got called a stalker and got to meet a really pretty girl."

"Grayson was always voted prettiest girl in school."

"I wasn't talk about Grayson." He said to me with a grin on his face. I felt heat coming to my face and looked away.

"What happened to your lip?" He asked. I touched my lip I forgot Jay punched me in the mouth.

"I was practicing fighting with a guy and he accidentally punched me in my mouth."I lied he didn't need to know. He reached over and touched his fingers to my lips and went over the cut. He removed his fingers and looked at me and I held his gaze. I could feel the warmth of his fingers still on my lips.

"Is there anything else you want?" Asked the waitress we both jumped we didn't hear her come.

"Umm no I'm good thanks." I said with a forced smile. "I should be going soon." I told Alex.

"You haven't touched your food yet." He was right I was to busy looking at him.

"I'm not hungry anymore you can have it if you want. I should get home soon it's getting dark."

"I'll drive you home you seem distracted." Before I could respond he got out his wallet paid for my dinner and was walking out side. I got up and followed him. I don't know what it was but I felt so attracted to him. Like something was pulling me in like a magnet. When I caught up with him we were heading over to my car I, stopped and looked at him.

"How did you know which car was mine?" I asked.

"The way you present yourself. You not like the other kids around here. You don't care about what people think or say about you." He was right my car a was a beat up Honda. It looked like it was about to fall apart at any moment.

"How are you getting home?" I asked him.

"I can walk back here and pick up my car. I want to make sure you are ok."

"I'm fine. You don't need to take me home I'm a big girl I can take care of myself." I reached into my pocket to unlock the car but, Alex snatched the key from my hand open the passenger door for my. With a sigh I slid into the seat. He walked around to the front got in and put the key in the ignition. The car roared with life we didn't say anything to each other.

"Which way am I going?" Asked Alex

"I thought you were stalking so shouldn't you know were I live." I replied with a grin. Glance at me from the corner of his eye and smiled. I didn't know where he should take me I could go back to Jays or go home and drive back over there.

"Turn right up." I sighed guess I was going to Jays house.

"Do you not want to go home yet I could drop you off somewhere else and we could talk or something." He offered as much as that sounded great and like the best idea in the world. I had to get back before Jay freaks out or something.

"No I'm good." Alex looked pretty sad about this "But thank you maybe another time." He looked at me and smiled

"Yeah another time." I smiled back. For once in my life I felt this weird feeling like something was stuck in my stomach. What is that called. Oh, yeah I remember butterfly's. I have butterfly's about hanging out with Alex again. We didn't say much after that I gave the directions to Jay's. When he dropped me off he handed back the keys. Told me goodnight and took off jogging down the street. I stood there for a minute watching until his body was consumed by darkness.

"Glad your back." Said a voice behind me. I turned around and saw Jay leaning up against my car.

"What else did you expect me to do go and live in my car or at my house that is,by the way, filled with two dead body's?" He looked at me with sad eyes.

"Come on Juliet it's time for you to go to bed." I glared at him with a smile on my face as I walked to the house.

"Go up the stairs and to your left is the bathroom. Keep going down the hall until the last door on the right." He instructed. I got to the room and it was amazing. White walls with a king size bed in the middle. A desk to the left with a lamp and laptop. To the right was a nightstand with an alarm clock that can charge my phone. A walk in closet inside of the closet was a floor length mirror. And my favorite was a full wall of windows that looked out to the back yard but, that wasn't the best part it had a balcony with a hanging seat. I could use to it here. I looked at the clock and say it was past 10 and I still had school tomorrow. I rushed to the bathroom which was also huge, I threw on my pajamas and climbed into bed. As soon my head hit the pillow I was out.

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