Wings of faith


1. Chapter one

People think that their life is like living down and under. They have no idea what it's like. You might be thinking how would I know. That because I'm a demon. That's right you can say I'm best friends with the Devil. Funny thing is that we aren't really friends at the moment. I did some stupid stuff and than the next thing I know I'm being thrown out of Hell. Welcome to my life.

I woke up this morning and heard yelling downstairs. That's right I live with humans. The Devil had to think of some type of punishment. So, this is what he came up with, me living with humans. My name is Layla it mean evil thats just what I am. My "mom" and "brother" were at it again. My brother is eighteen about to graduate from High school, his name is Derek.

With a sigh I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom I looked at my self in the mirror. The funny thing is that I look a lot like Mom. I have black hair, as black as night, and eyes that are a piercing green. Derek on the other hand had blond hair and sky blue eyes. I saw that I left my brush in my bedroom. So, I used telekinesis to move it. It was with me in no time. I smiled at it and chuckled like it was an inside joke. It kinda was, you see Demons like me have special powers. Like super strength, making people see things that aren't really there, super speed, I can read peoples minds,and put thoughts into them and my personal favorite is my wings. Thats right we too have wings just like our brothers and sisters up in heaven.

"Layla come down here right now!" yelled my mom. I grabbed a black sweater dress and black combat boots. I saw mom and Derek at the bottom of the stair practically at one and another's throats. I sat down on the stairs and just watched them.

"You're a druggy and as soon as I graduate we are leaving!" yelled Derek

"She is not going with you! She is staying with me because, I am her mother!" Mom yelled back. They always fight no matter if it's over what are we eating for dinner or who is going to look after me. I have tried to run away but, not matter how far I get some how I make it back to the house. Call me an evil person but I was really enjoying this.

I finally sighed " If you are ready I would like to go to school. So take me there Derek." I told Derek. They where caught off guard because they didn't expect me to be there. He nodded his head and grabbed his keys.

"Get in the car I will be right out." he told me softly. I turned towards the door and headed out. When I reached the car I felt like someone was watching me. I looked around me and I didn't see anything. With my guard still up I got in the car. Derek came out and we headed to school. Another awesome power of mine is I can feel people's emotions, like if something is bothering them I can feel it. And right now Derek was steaming at the ears with anger. I looked at him and wondered if I should say something to him. I decided not to and just stared out the window.

"What is it?" asked Derek still annoyed

"Whats what?" I asked

" What were you about to say."


"Come on Lay what was it?"

I sighed "I just want you and mom to get along for once in your life. All there is yelling and I'm getting sick an tired of it." I told him. He kept looking straight forward. From that moment on it was silent.

When the school came into view I was happy. It's not that I love school. I just love making fun of my friends. Derek let me off in front; I didn't like walking in with my big brother. They where trying to hide but, I knew exactly were they where. Hiding in the shadows were two tall figures. They where looking in my direction, I could tell the tallest, who had a good foot on me, was Jack, then the other one had about four inches on me, was Jay. I was walking up to them when I shiny black car came speeding by the school. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. Thinking it was just another spoiled rich kid that went to my school. There was a big tree by were they where standing. When I got over the the tree they weren't there. I pretended I didn't know they where in the tree. I counted to five in my head. One,two,three. A branch snapped I smiled. Four,five. Right on time both jump out of the tree right in front of me.

"Scared the crap out of you didn't we?"asked Jack.

"Oh yea scared me to death." I told them sarcastically.

"Don't need to get all snippy." Jay told me. I just looked at him with look that said I'm not in the mood.

"Another tuff morning in Smith house ?" Asked Jack

"Yep, Derek is saying he is going to take me with him when he leave next year."

"What are you going to do about it?" Asked Jay.

"Let's just say I still have a few tricks up my sleeves." I said with a grin on my face. The bell rang for us to go inside and that was the end of our conversation. I went to my locker when I bumped into the worst person ever. Her name is Grayson. She was an all out athlete volleyball, cheerleading, and the dictator of the school.

"Watch out freak!" She yelled. I just glared at her, I wasn't in the mood at all. I just kept my head down and walked the rest of the way to my locker. I put in my combination, grabbed my calculus book and walked to class. Thank God I had Jay in my class. I walked straight to the back of the class in. the right hand corner. Near the window I could see every thing. Jay walked in and sat down next to me and pulled down he black baseball cap to cover his eyes. He propped up his feet up on the table and leaned back in his chair. Right as the bell rang our teacher Mr. Holland walked in. And started writing on the board. I was about to fall asleep when our secretary walked in with a boy right behind her. He kept his head down. Trying not to make eye contact.

"Mr. Holland this is your new student Alex Jonson. He move here from Mississippi." Mr.Holland barley looked up he just waved his hand to dismiss the secretary. Mr.Holland turned around "Take any open seat Alex." There was an open seat in the very front. And who did it have to be by, that's right Ms.Grayson her self. She was smiling and flirting with him all ready twirling her golden blonde hair around her finger. I wasn't mad I was just annoyed that she did it to every boy in sight. As I was looking at Alex there was something different about him, he was glowing. I'm not talking about the glow when you love someone I mean actually glowing. Mr.Holland was going on about some type of equation that will be on our test but no on was listing.

Mr.Holland cleared his throat " Jay can you tell me what I just said." Jay was still passed out. I used my foot and tipped his chair all the way back. Jay was woken up and let out a little yelp. The room burst into laughter. Jay shot me a dangerous look but, I simply shrugged. Mr.Holland didn't find it as funny as we did.

"Were you asleep in my class again?" Asked Mr. Holland.

"No, sir I was simply enjoying the sound of your voice," Jay responded

"Then you wouldn't have a problem coming up here and show us how to do the equation I was just doing."

"Well sir, I left my brain at home so, let me call it and tell it to meet me in the parking lot." Jay said with a evil grin.

"Well then you best find it because you have detention for a week." Jay didn't say anything, I could tell it was from annoyance.

"Did you like your wake up call today?" I asked with a smile when we were in the hall.

"Don't talk to me!" He snapped.

"Hey what crawled up your butt."

"You embarrassed me in front of the whole class!"

"Dude relax I was messing with you like you wouldn't do the same thing for me! So, I suggest you calm down."

"Your right. I'm sorry really I'm just mad at Holland that's all." He said calmly.

"It's okay. Just make sure it doesn't happen again." I said with a smile. We walked down the hallway in silence. My next class was history then gym. In history I sat next to Jack, I always have one of them in my class. As I was sitting down the new kid came up to me.

"Hi." He said

"Hey. Can I help you with something?"

"No, just wanted to meet you I've heard so much about you."

"How? You are new to this school you've been here for literally thirty minutes." I told him he gave me a blank look. From up close I could see he had sky blue eyes with dirty blonde hair, about 6'1 and sun kissed skin.

"Let's just say I have really good contacts." He told me with a smile. I just rolled my eyes. And as the bell rang Jack came running in and Alex took his seat right behind me. Our teacher stood in front of us talking about the American Revolution. I feel asleep the next thing I knew the bell was ringing letting us go to our next class. I headed to the locker room to change into shorts with a purple t-shirt that said Lincoln High School. We are located in New York City. Right in the middle too. When I walked out of the locker room and saw Jay and Jack wrestling in a corner. I walked over to them and tackled both of them. They stared at me with disbelief I smiled.

"What the heck was that for!" Exclaimed Jack.

"Let's just say I was bored and had nothing better to do." I replied.

"What is he doing in this class?" Asked Jay. I looked over my shoulder and saw Alex walking over to us with a stupid grin on his face.

"I don't know but, I will handle it." I told them.

"Handle what?" A new voice added into the conversation. I turned around almost running into Alex.

"Are you stalking me because, it appears that you are in all of my classes." I told him he just smiled down at me.

"It's just how fate planed it."

"Well, I'm not a big fate person so I suggest you go somewhere else because you honestly don't want to mess with me."

"Fair enough. I will be leaving now I will see you in the other classes." He walked way without saying another word. There was something strange about him. He glows like the sun so bright and vibrant. I couldn't put my finger on it. Whatever it was I didn't like it. As I was about to turn around our gym teacher came storming in. We call her Coach because she coaches about every sport and her name is to long a complicated to say.

"Center circle right now!" She barked. Everyone ran there except Grayson who slowly walked up to Coach.

"My coach said I shouldn't do any gym activities because, we have competition coming up." She said in a whining voice.

"Of corse dear we don't want you to get hurt." Coach told her gently. Grayson gave a small smile and walked away.

"Ok the rest of you will be learning self defense for the real world." She told us. Everyone in the class groaned.

"I already assigned you each partners when you have your partner go and stand next to each other." She told us.

"Smith you're with Johnson." She told us. I froze in my seat. I didn't want to move I couldn't stand the thought of being around him for one minute. I knew I couldn't get coach to change her mind. So that would be a wast of my breath. The next thing I knew was someone tapping on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Alex standing behind me.

"Let's get this over with." I snapped.

"I don't understand why you don't like me."

"Let's just say I don't like people who stalk me. And heads up Grayson is not a person you want to get you information from."

"Who's that?" He asked

"The girl who keeps flirting and following you."

"I don't even know her name. Let alone why would I trust someone like her."

"Because you are a guy and you love girls like that! You know what? I don't want to talk, let's just start." And that was the end of the conversation. I was having fun kicking his butt at first but, then he got really good. It's like he could change his speed like me. I felt like he was up to something and whatever it was, it was not good for me or my people. At the end of gym I was tired. I was glade I had lunch because that means I can leave campus. As I Junior I have total freedom. Well not total freedom. Jay,Jack and I usually go out side and sit by the big tree and make fun at the snooty rich kids that go to our school.

"OMG I just broke a nail. Like I just got them done!" Jack says in a high pitch voice. We all start cracking up laughing.

"Look at what my daddy got me! It's so pretty right!?" I said. Jack and I started laughing but, not Jay.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked

"None of your business!" He snapped back

"God dude she was just wondering." Replied Jack. Jay and Jack didn't know that I could read their minds. So, I decided to do some of my own snooping around. I closed my eyes and lend back against the tree. Trying to focus on Jays mind and breaking through. As I was about to slip in something or someone pushed me out of his head. I bolted up and looked around for a reason why that would happen. I have been inside both of their heads before. Well most of the schools head actually. That's how I know the secretary is in love with Mr. Holland. And how Coach had 20 cats at her house. And don't get me started on Grayson. I have so perfect black mail on here. As I looked around there was a figure in the distance and it was looking right at us. I couldn't tell if it was girl or a guy.

"I will be right back. Don't go anywhere okay?" I told them. As I walked toward the figure, I began to feel like I knew the person. When I got close enough I could see that it was a guy about 5'6. And he had a stupid grin on his face. Short dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.

"Sister." He said. At that point I knew that he was a demon sent by the devil himself.

"Abner. Nice to see you again." I said Abner means warrior and clever at strategy. He is a person you do not want to mess with. We stood there for a moment not knowing what to say. I spoke first.

"Is there something you want because, if you haven't noticed but, I'm with humans. And can't blow my cover if I ever want a chance to get back home."

"Wow is that anyway to treat family? After all I'm the only who has came to see you since you have been exiled."

"What makes you think that none of my other brother and sisters have come to see me?" I snapped

"Because I'm the new right hand man of Lucifers. " he said with a grin on his face

"How dare you take my spot when you sure know that I am coming back and taking my spot. My rightful spot next the Lucifer." I told him.

"You must have known since you always have our brothers and sisters coming to talk to you."

"Is there something you want or can I just leave. And so can you."

"Oh I almost forgot I have a message from Lucifer he said that there is only one way to get back home."

"And are you going to tell me or do I have to beat the crap out of you. " I said to him

"No." He said with a smile"You have to get some new soldiers they could Angles or whatever works for you but, we prefer a Angle." I stared at him in disbelief.

"Fine"I lied"I will see what I can do. How long do a I have?"

"One month."

"I'll be ready. I'm guessing that you will be checking in from time to time?" I asked sarcastically. Abner looked at me trying to figure out if I'm lying or not. The bell rang telling us our conversation was over for now. I looked at him nodded my head and walked back down the hill back to school. Saved by the bell I said in my head. When I got back to the tree were left Jay and Jack. They where still standing there waiting for me.

"Where have you been?" Asked Jay who seemed to have cooled down since I was gone.

"Had to take care of a few things." I said brushing it off my shoulder and walked back into school. The rest of the day went by in a blur. I kept thinking about Abner's challenge a chance to go home to make things right. Where am I going to find an Angle who will sign up for Lucifers army. It's not like I can walk up to the gates of Heaven and say hey if you don't like a certain Angle send them to Hell we could use them. Angles are to powerful they can easily beat a demon. Unless.... Unless they where in human form. That's when they are at the weakest stage. Every Angles go through a stage when they are young where God sends them down from Heaven and have them turn into an human. It's a type of test where God sees how dedicated you are to Him. If you come back with no doubts or regrets then you stay in Heaven but, if you fall in love with someone you are locked out of Heaven for good. The only way that I could get home is to find that Angle but, there are only a few at a time that are sent down. Five at the most, how can I search the whole world in a month. And no one in Hell will help. Or will they. The day ended by the bell ringing and mob of people bursting out of classrooms and out the front door. I waited until everyone in the class left. I stepped into the hallway and froze in my tracks.

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