The year of the dragon book one

Ren lives with her aunt and uncle. They have always said the her father died in a accident but she dosen't believe that. Then she gets a note on her birthday to meet a mysterious girl named Selene and tells her that she can change into a dragon and after that her life goes in a uncomfortable twist. Her two best friends in the whole world abandon her so now she has to trust Selene. She says shes very powerful dragon but can Ren survive her life?


1. Prologue

Two people stood on a balcony overlooking the ocean; one was a tall thin man who looked to be about thirty with black hair and true blue eyes. He wore a long trench coat and some leather boats, he was holding a squirming bundle wrapped in a blue cloth. The girl staring at the bundle smiling a sweet and innocent looking smile looked sixteen and only a little bit shorter than the man. She had brown hair and gentile green eyes, she looked like the sweet innocent girl that you would never suspect to do anything wrong then she goes and goes beats the crap out of you. She wore a long coat and combat boats and skinny jeans. Then the girl spoke. “Father are you sure this is the right thing to do?” “Yes. I want my daughter to have a normal life!” “I know what you mean father but what if she gets hurt! I want to protect her.” The girl’s eyes were full of concern. “Selene! Please take her to your aunt and uncle on your mother’s side.” “Yes father.” Selene slid a cloth strap over her shoulder and the bundle laid against her chest The baby’s face was so soft as soft as silk then in a flash of light a green dragon stood in Selene’s place. The dragon’s scales were green and she had horns that were like a wave and she was about nine feet long (from head to tail of course!) and five feet tall but roughly by dragon standards she was beautiful, the baby was safely against her chest. The man smiled and said. “I wish you a safe journey and give your aunt and uncle this note.” Selene nodded, then the door burst open and men dressed in black filled in but Selene took off. In a blink of an eye she was gone and a fight broke loose on the balcony against mers and the man. Selene flew with ease amongst the clouds she checked every now and then to make sure her little sister was alright after a while the clouds parted to reveal a city the lights shone below and the moon was full and stars seemed to twinkle. Perfect for a midnight flight but this was serious. Selene landed in the park closest to her aunt and uncle’s and in a flash of green light she was human again she walked east till she reached a neighborhood that roughly was well spaced. But Selene kept going until she reached a two story house with a wrap-around porch and a blue door. Selene walked over the gate (Literally!) and took off the strap and she held her and said. “My sweet Ren I will miss you !” Selene kissed her forehead set her down on the porch and rang the door bell and flew off (Back in her dragon form of course) into the night.
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