My Kryptonite

This is a story about a girl name Izzy and her brother Harry Styles. They go on tour and are faced with many difficulties.


23. I'm so sorry

Izzy's P.O.V

"Hey guys. Can we talk?" I asked as they walked in. "They looked around in confusion and nodded. "Okay well let's start from the beginning. When I was little I was abused by Harry's father. Don't worry about him. He won't find me. I got a call from the hospital and they told me that the police found him parked outside of the jopital. So he's gone. After that my life was perfectly fine until we went to the club. I was dancing having a good time and when the girls went to get a drink a guy came up to me and asked me to dance and I told him no and he took me to the bathroom and raped me. Today me Louis and Niall went to the doctor and found out that I want 4 months pregnant." I finished with tears rolling down my face. Everyone ha a shocked look on there face. Louis, Liam and Niall are crying and Zayn is mad. Harry looks like he has no emotion. Zayn walked up to me and asked if he could touch my stomach. I nodded. He placed his hand on my belly and rubbed it. "Hey baby, I'm gonna be the best Uncle I could ever be. Your mommy has been through a lot and speaking for all of us here none of us want that for you." Zayn started crying and hugged me. Getting bigger every second. "Niall what are people honing to say?" I whispered? "We have to get married." He said. "Harry can I talk to you please?" I said getting up. He stood up and walked to the kitchen. "Harry please say something." I said quietly. "I'm so sorry Izzy." He said crying. Harry never cries. "What am I gonna do? I can't be pregnant? Mom is gonna kill me! The paps are going to murder me before she does! Niall and I aren't even married and I pregnant with a strangers baby! Harry I need you here for me and all you say is sorry." I screamed. By now everyone made their way down stairs. "Niall we are suppose to get married tomorrow and I am not that big do you think anyone will notice?" I asked pushing past the now crying Harry. "I don't think so." He said. I kissed Niall lol I had never kissed him before. This time was more passionate than before. I know Niall will not leave me. We pulled away and he started to sing You and I. My favorite song off of the album. We have one more month until the second tour is over.

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