The photographer..

Ella is a photographer and is best friends with 1D
All the boys know she fancys Liam but poor puppy eyed Liam is Clueless!
Will his Cluelessness ruin any chance he has? Or will he finally Take a hint and make his move...

But he better watch out Ella has a lot more admires ;)

Liam Payne fan fiction!


1. The sobs..

Ella's P.O.V

I walked up the apartment building were i would be taking a photo shoot of 5 boys from the world wide band One Direction, I glanced at the little mirror on the top of the stairs and stared at my outfit 

Her outfit:

I smiled and slid my camera over my shoulders. I pushed threw the doors to see Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn in sweats and no shirts. I quickly slapped my hand over my eyes but leaving a little place open to peek threw.. Fuck they were fit and Hot! I cleared my throat " I can see you guys aren't ready " I said trying to hold in a chuckle, These boys..

" ELLA! " they yelled in unison running and giving me hugs " Hey Cant breathe over here! " i yelled struggling for oxygen " Oh sorry " They mumbled, i giggled.

Simon walked threw the room his hands crossed " Will you guys get ready and start this photo shoot Ella's manager is waiting for her.. " he said aggravated i chuckled "  No hey Ella? Im offended! And Taylor should calm down " I said walking over to simon and giving him a huge hug, He just chuckled  and hugged back " Ok guys cmon chop chop Boys go into the dressing rooms and get ready, Ella start setting up and I will go tell Taylor to go call the Victoria secret models ok? " Simon said turning on his heel " Oh and NO MESSING AROUND! " he yelled before exiting the room, I laughed " Well you heard the grumpy old man Lets do this thing! " i yelled running to the camera equipment.

The boys chuckled and so did i oh what would i do without these boys?

- After the boys change and the Models arrive - 

 "Ok every- " i stopped in mid sentence to see Liam only in calvin klein boxers that were low enough to see his V-Line.. I couldn't help myself from staring at his tanned abs god he was so hot! " Like what you see love? " he said winking at me. My cheeks flushed bright pink, i looked away and tried my best to concentrate on the work i had to finish the little work i had left, when i felt Liam's toned muscular arms wrap around my waist, I couldn't help blush more.

His lips brushed against my ear whispering something to low for me to hear but i know it sounded something like " Your so hot when you blush ".. He was interrupted by a few throats clearing from the back of us, I turned around to see the boys staring at me and Liam smirking. They were all half naked beside their boxers " So i see you guys are getting Close eh? " Niall said wiggling his eyebrows, I blushed again GOD ELLA STOP BLUSHING! " Aww see she's even blushing " Harry cooed " God you guys! " i yelled giggling as i turned back to my work .

" OK THE MODELS ARE HERE! EVERYONE READY? "  Taylor high pitched voiced echoed threw the Blow horn she used to make the announcement  " JESUS TAYLOR YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME GO DEAF WITH THAT THING! " I yelled covering my ears, she giggled " Sorry bout that " she said putting the blow horn down. 

The models walked in the room, They were all so pretty and tall and I'm just ugly and short... I sighed to myself as the boys began checking them out and completely ignoring my existence " Thanks guys way to help a girls self of stem " i mumbled low enough for only me to hear. A tall tanned blonde with wavy wore a Cream lace and white louboutins walked over to Liam and started flirting with him, he the clueless boy he is started flirting with her... A pool of jealousy flooded my mind God i hate that bitch already, Taylor could see my facial expression had turned from giggling and happy to full on jealousy, she walked over to me and bent downy by my side and whispered  " Let me guess you fancy Liam and you hate that conniving little slut thats flirting with him? " I nodded my head " Like how can he not even see! I mean i look at him all the time and I'm always blushing when he does all those flirty thing god he is so clueless! " i whispered back to Taylor who had a smirk on her face " Honey tell me about, Ive been trying with Simon but god he is so slow... " she said her smirk dropping i giggled " You  and Uncle Simon? " i whispered she nodded and began giggling with me..

The Models and the boys looked at me and Taylor perplexed, I looked over at Taylor and we both bursted out laughing, The boys shacked their heads smiling at us and the Models just shot me glares.. Excuse Moi bitch but you best not be glaring at me, i thought god what type of models are these?!

" Ok lets start " Taylor said snapping the models out of their glaring trance, They walked over to the background followed  and the photo shoot begun

- After the photo shoot -

" Ella! these photos are amazing! " Louis cooed, i giggled " Thanks Lou ", I looked around to see That same model who was flirting with Liam earlier i Learned her name was Sophia, I saw Liam handing her his phone as they exchanged numbers, My heart sank.. I quickly turned away, and looked back at louis as tears blurred my vision " You ok there love? " he looked around and saw what Liam was doing, He pulled me into a hug and stroked my hair " Its ok love. " he whispered in my ear.

I pulled away and flashed him a weak smile " Im gonna go home tell Taylor i said bye yeh? " i said grabbing my stuff and waving back at him as i jogged down the stairs. I hopped into my car  and began to sob quietly..

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