My Fight

This is the story of Tiana Louise Powers. Everything in here came from a notebook, and everything in here is true. Tiana wishes she was never born, but can someone change that? Dylan sure hopes he can. (I changed the names)


3. the hospital

i woke upin a room wiht white everywhere. i lookedto my right to find a male figure sitting next to my bed. "where am i? and who are you?" i asked the male figure. "you are in the hospital and my name is dylan" he says. my vision was getting clearer, "oh i'm soory dyllie my vision was blury. soo what happenedto make me land here??" i say with i slight smile. "well ashley and louis got you again but this time they only left brusies"he says then lets out a laugh. "well that is better than last time" i say then we crack up laughing. its jusst an old joke between us. a nurse walked in and said "well now that your awake, i will go and get the discharge papers so you can leave." "yay" i cheer "did you bring me clothes??" i asked. "of course tianaboo i remember, because its part of my routine" he says with a slight chuckle. the nurse came back in and gave us the papers,then walked back out. "ugghhh havent i signed enough of these papers already!!" he says. "oh stop your complaining and give me my clothes" i say and punch him on the arm."heyy, what was that for?? and yeah here you go miss demanding." he says then throws me my clothes. "i didn't even hit you hard mr whiny." i say while getting dressed. once i finished, i said "okay lets go im seeing to much white." he chuckles and says "alright alright calmdown tianaboo." then we hea home.

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