Half A Heart.. <|3 Harry Styles


1. concert

hey, I'm Lyric.

yeah, yeah, who names their child Lyric, well, my mother & father were obsessed with music, and still are.

I'm 18, and I'm an extreme directioner.

I have long brown hair, and light blue eyes.

I live in London, England.

I also have a little soster, Rose.

she's 4, she has brown haie, & dark blue eyes.

she has a short temper!

I currently have bruises to prove it.

I'm hoping this concert brings me and my best-friend, Tessa together.

we've been growing apart.

she started hanging with new people, and now all we do is fight.

anyway, onwards!

Lyric's p.o.v

"wake up, honey.

honey, you have too wake up.

you have the concert today. "

my mother cooed in my ear.

"ugh." I breathed.

"woah, girl. brush your teeth before you do anything else.!" my mom joked.

"haha, very funny, mom.

I'll get ready now." I said & pushed the covers down.

I walked into the bathroom & turned on the shower.

I washed my face & then got in the shower.

I washed my unmentionables & my hair.

I turned the water off & got the water out of my hair.

I wrapped the towel around myself, and one around my hair.

I walked into my walk-in-closet & started looking around.

I'm kind of a dress-y girl.

but since it's a concert I grabbed Hollister short, shorts, my white, my grey sweater, & my gray Vans.

I have little thighs, & a flat stomach.

I got dressed & then went to put on my make-up.

I put on my 'Fit 115' & rubbed that in.

I put on my mascara, and my red lipstick.

I straightened my hair & texted Tessa that I was on my way.

I grabbed my keys & walked to my car.

I turned my car on & started to Tessa's house.

once I arrived Tessa came out wearing sweatpants?

"um, Tessa, your wearing that?" I asked.

"no, no I'm not. I'm not coming.

Anna called & I decided to hang with her."

"o-oh, okay. bye I guess." I shrugged & pulled out.

I can't believe her.

how could she..

I thought she was my friend.

I guess I was wrong.

I knocked it out of my mind & started my way to the concert.

I know it won't be the same without Tessa, but she's obviously picked herself.

I shrugged & since I had a couple minutes I stopped at Starbucks

I grabbed my mocha & ran too my car.

I put my drink in the holder thing-y, & started my car again.

I arrived at the concert less then 20 minutes.

I walked to the front & showed my ticket & VIP pass.

I had front stage passes, the concert starts in 5 minutes.

I pulled my phone out & pulled up the camera.

I switched it to record, and I recorded some of the concert & took lots, and lots of pictures.

Harry even winked at me, a couple of times. ;))

anywhore, I'm currently waiting my turn for the backstage pass thing.

I'm only 3 away..

I keep looking ahead.. I see.. I see a bright red/orange head.

just like fucking Tessa. ( sorry for the swear words. )

I swear, if she fucking left me for her.

(sorry again.)

she turned around, ITS TESSA! OMFG.. THAT BITCH(sorry)

she didn't seem to notice me, she turned around to walk out the exist door, which is right behind me.

I managed to catch her talking too.. Anna!

"she's so stupid, I don't know why I'm friends with, Lyric."

Tessa said.

"you fucking bitch." I screamed & grabbed her hair to turn her around.

"L-Lyric.. how are you? what'd you hear? I love you."

she stuttered out.

"you're such a bitch, Tessa! what the fuck has, Anna done to you?

I've changed? what the fuck is your definition of change, Tessa?

being a slut like Anna? she's slept with more men them our age put together! is that what the hell you want to be?

the second school slut? the whore, the tramp? is that it?

is that what you want to be? what the fuck would your mom think?

I bet you she wouldn't agree with you hanging with the school slut!

does your mom even know?

you fucking bitch.

don't even fucking bother with me or our friendship anymore.

byee." I said & stomped away.

gosh! she pisses me off!

Anna's probably slept more then I've used the letter," I" today!

I honestly can't believe her.

I unlocked my chair & got in & just sat their.

their was a knock on my car window.

I looked up.. it was, it was Harry!

he stepped back, and I got out of my car.

"I believe we didn't get to meet now did we, love."

"haha, yeah, sorry." I laughed awkwardly.

"oh, no. it's fine. at least you got it out." he said..

"what do you mean? I have nothing I want to say out.

that was one thing, I didn't want to say that.

I lost my friend, my best friend, my sister." I said with tears breaking in my eyes.

"I'm sorry.. can I get your number? maybe we can talk later."

Harry.. HarrySstyles asking for my number? hell yeah!

"um, yeah.. can I see your phone?" I askedddd

"yeah, here." he said and handed me his phone.

I put my contact name as Lryic bby<3 & then I also put my number.

my day.. was.. a hectic one!

authors note;

I've been writing this chapter for a week.

I just didn't know where to stop.

I'm sorry if I misspelled or did anything wrong.

I don't proof read it.

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