The story of my life

my name is crysten woods i am 18. and heres my story:)


3. meeting harry's friends!


hey my little cupcakes how are you liking my fan fic I'm trying to update it as much as possible but I'm on winter break so i don't have school!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! oh and I'm am trying to squeeze some christmas chapters in this before christmas is over. it depends how much i can update. alright well i love you my little cupcakes. have a wonderful christmas!!!!!! <3

crystens pov

 i got to my room and started the shower. i hung my bathing suit on a hook so it could dry and i hopped in the shower. *skip shower* i got out and wrapped a towel around my body. i opened my closet and through on a t-shirt and some sweat pants. i dryer my hair and threw it up into a bun. i was starving so i took the elevator down stairs. after 10 minutes of looking i finally found the kitchen. i got a bowl of cereal. i heard laughter so i followed the sound and ended up in the living room. everyone turned their heads to me. there she is!!!! harry shouted. my mouth was full of cereal so i just waved.they started cracking up.i swallowed it and finally managed to say hi I'm crysten. hi I'm niall the blonde one said and this is louis. that is zayn and liam. hey they said in unison. harry patted me a seat next to him. i walked over and sat next to him. i shoved cereal in my mouth.someones hungry harry laughed. I'm always hungry. you just became my best friend niall high fived me. we both laughed. well i will order a pizza liam said getting his cell out of his pocket. i will go get some carrots to hold back are hunger he screamed. i laughed. i liked these boys. i think a friendship just started and is going to continue for a while.

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