The story of my life

my name is crysten woods i am 18. and heres my story:)


7. boyfriend?

 crystens pov

after we cuddled and played video games Niall ordered a pizza. we waited in the living room. i looked at the calender on my phone. wow 2 more weeks until kirra comes home. im sure im still staying with her. my thoughts were interupted by the door bell. niall came back in with 2 pizzas and placed them on the coffee table. we all started digging in. after an hour of eating and talking we were tired. we put in a movie and passed out on the couch. i woke up the next morning craving starbucks. i shook harry. can we get starbucks. i whined and begged. ok. he said picking me up. you better not be thinking about throwing me into the pool again! i wasnt until now. i screamed and kicked but he wouldnt put me down. harry no dont! he carried me into the elevator. he put me down and kissed me. it was passionate and i felt sparks. i looked back into his eyes and kissed back. it turned into a makeout session. we got to my room and we fell on the bed. he was on top of me. i love you crysten. he said kissing me. i love you too. it was the moment i would cherish my whole life. he said he loved me. i squealed with excitement in my head. i wanted to scream. he kissed me some more. will you be my girlfriend? he asked staring into my eyes. i looked at him in his eyes.his happy expression turned into a worried one because i didn't answer right away. of course i will! i kissed him. we kissed some more and cuddled. i wanted to scream even more. of excitement anyway. but that will have to wait because im cuddling with the best boyfriend ever.

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