Started in a kitchen❤️

Ashlyn and Jada are in a cooking. Little did they know that soon they would be falling in love with some British Boys����


1. 1

"Wake up Jada! Were gonna be late to cooking class!" Ashlyn yelled as she was pulling up her purple with yellow polka dot skinny jeans. "Shut up Ashlyn!"Jada moaned. "Jada if you don't wake up right now I'm gonna pour hit kool aid on you!" Yelled Ashlyn. "IM AWAKE!!" Jada screamed.

***at the cooking class***

"Okai so todeh yew are goen create your own thingeymabobber." Said Chief Hockawocka. "OMG YAY!" Jada and Ashlyn screamed in unison. They decided to make pizza fries.

***after they made them***

"They taste delicious!" Said chief Hockawocka "you won! So you get to meet one direction!" Ashlyn and Jada were so excited!!! They almost peed on themselves! Anywhoooo when they met one direction Louis fell madly in love with Jada and Harry fell head over heels for Ashlyn. They ended up making millions of dollars and marrying there one true love💕

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