But He's Older

Emma,a normal 14 year old teenager who's obsessed with 5 seconds of summer meets Ashton Irwin.She can't believe she's lucky enough to even meet him,but what will happen when a 14 & a 19 year old start to have stronger feelings for each other?


6. Chapter 6

Emma's P.O.V

My mom stood at the door with her arms crossed, glaring at Ashton.

"Hi mom" I said nervously

"Hi? That's all you have to say? When did I say you could leave without telling me!?" She said quietly but angry

My mother didn't really like to yell, well at least not in front of people.

"I would have called you but I forgot." I tell her

She rolled her eyes and I know she would argue with me after they left.

"Hello, I'm Emma's mother." She said to Ashton.

"Hi, I'm Ashton." he answered

I turned around and Michael got into the front seat and turned the car on and they left. Ashton also turned to see that they had left and he looked slightly angry.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" My mom asked him.

"Yes that would be great." He said nicely

I wanted to yell at him, my mom would just ask him a bunch of questions.


Ashton's P.O.V

I was so mad at them for leaving but I didn't really think Emma's mom would invite me to dinner. I got a text from Luke.

"Text us when you're done so we can pick you up!" It read, I ignored it

"You two can talk while I finish making dinner." she said

Emma and I started talking she was really funny and interesting. She turned on the tv and we watched Friends.

I was startled when a teenage guy walked through the door.

"Hi...who are you?" he said

"Hi, I'm Emma's friend Ashton."

He raised an eyebrow at Emma but then he smirked.

"Friend? You two--"Emma interrupted him

"Hey Kian mom said you're in big trouble for staying out last night." Emma said and I assumed he was her brother.

He walked upstairs quietly making sure his mom didn't see him, Emma laughed because of this.

"Is he really in trouble Em?" I asked

"No, I just said that so he'd shut up." she said

"Well aren't you a nice sister." I teased and she laughed.

Her mother called us and told us dinner was ready, Emma told Kian to come down to eat.We got up and sat at the table, all the good looked really good. I was starving. I hadn't had a home cooked meal ever since I moved in with the boys.

"So Ashton, please tell me a little about yourself." she said politely

"Well I have just moved here from Australia with my bandmates. We are in a band called 5 seconds of summer and I'm 19." I told her, taking a bite of my food.

She nodded and raised an eyebrow at Emma while her brother was too busy eating his food. We finished eating and her mother asked if I needed a ride home but I told her that the boys were going to pick me up. I texted Luke and told them to come

"Bye Em!" I said and hugged Emma before getting into the car.

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