But He's Older

Emma,a normal 14 year old teenager who's obsessed with 5 seconds of summer meets Ashton Irwin.She can't believe she's lucky enough to even meet him,but what will happen when a 14 & a 19 year old start to have stronger feelings for each other?


37. Chapter 36

Ashton and I ate breakfast and I expected one of the boys to come eat too but it seemed as if no one was here.

"Where are the others?" I asked

"They sleep until like eleven am, I'm usually the first one up" ash replied


They boys came down while we were talking.

"Hi Emma! What are you doing here? Michael said

All three of the boys stared at me awaiting my answer. I looked over at Ashton as if asking for his help but he shrugged not knowing what to say and he mouthed 'sorry'. I didn't want to tell them, I didn't want to be judged by them.

"I-I um I r-ran away" I stuttered

They were nice and each of them gave me a hug. I think they understood that something bad must have happened for me to run away.

"You're welcome here anytime" Calum said


I took a shower and put on a red flannel with black skinnies and black combat boots. I went back to Ashton's room because I left my phone in there. I checked it and I had a ton of messages.

Kian: Emma, are you with Dylan or Ashton? I know you're mad with Alison so your not with her I'm covering for you so you better come back now!

Kian: Where the hell are you!? Mom almost went into your room but I told her you were sleeping

Kian: Mom had to go to work early so she didn't notice you weren't gone. I swear I'll tell her if you don't come back before she's back

I scrolled through all the messages from Kian. Most of them were just asking where I was and threatening to tell my mom. She came back at six thirty. I also had one from Dylan.

Dylan: Hey Emma your brother's really worried about you please go home

I wasn't going to let anyone convince me of going home if my mother was just going to try to get Ashton into jail.

I walked back to the living room where Ashton was waiting for me.

"Where are we going to go today?" he asked

"I don't know I don't want to risk running into anyone I know or else they might tell my brother where I was."

"Ok...oh and Emma, I don't want to rush you into deciding but we're leaving today and I need to know if you're coming on tour with us" he said

I had thought about this last night and this morning. I have everything I would need to go but can I leave my family. The tour isn't that long. Maybe a month or so. I doubt my mother is calm by now, I can't go back to her so soon. She can't do anything to Ashton if we're all the way in Europe.

"Yes, I'll go"

"Are you sure Emma?" Ashton asked

"Yeah, I want to go. It might help get my mind off of things, only if the boys are ok with it too"

"Ok! Let's go find out!" He smiled widely

He grabbed my hand and we hurried to Luke's room, where the boys were gathered. They were skyping with Niall Horan and they didn't seem to notice us walking in until Ashton cleared his throat.

"Oh hey guys! Emma, I want you to meet Niall Horan" Luke said

I'm also a bit of a directioner and I was already way too nervous to meet Niall. I tried to act normal but this is just like the time I met Ashton. I felt my face go warm and I can tell I was blushing.

"H-hi I'm uh Emma" I stuttered

He smiled that angelic smile of his.

"Nice to meet you Emma, I'm Niall. Are you the lovely girl Ashton has been telling me about?" he asked

"Shut up Niall!" Ashton said

"Ok ok, I got to go bye guys!" Niall said

"Bye!" they all said in unison

I suddenly remembered why we were here and I nudged Ashton.

"We want to know if it's ok if... Emma comes on tour with us?" he asked them

They thought about it for a minute until they finally decided.

"Yeah, it'll be awesome!" Michael exclaimed

After a while Ashton and I straightened out everything at my school to tell them I wouldn't be attending for a while. They said it would be fine as long as I had a tutor along with me or took online classes. We got food from in-n-out for ourselves and the rest of the boys who kept calling us complaining that they're hungry. It was six o'clock.

"We better get back, we have to leave my place at six thirty!" Ash said

I nodded and we hurried back home. I got a text on the ride back.

Alison: I'm really sorry for being like that to you Emma. I guess I was just a bit jealous you were hanging out with him so much and not me. Maybe we could hang out tomorrow after school?

I didn't text her back. I couldn't, what was I supposed to say? I can't tell her I'm going to England. I did want to hang out with her and I forgave her but I can't. I have to go.

The guys at like animals and I had to hold back my laughter. I are quickly too but not as bad. I've never traveled before and I was really scared and my expression gave me away.

"It's not that bad, the flights about ten hours but you'll be fine" Ashton said trying to calm me

The guys changed into more comfortable clothes and I thought I should change too. I put on black track pants with elasticated ankle cuffs, a pink Victoria's Secret crop mesh tee, black uggs, a black beanie and I kept on my golden infinity necklace.

"Lets go!" Luke shouted so everyone could hear

We all hurried into the car and it was 6:40 by the time we got there. We had to board at 7:00. I got a phone call from my mother. Great. I didn't pick up so she texted me.


If only she knew I was about to get on a flight to England. I was going to leave them for a month or two. Well she really wasn't being the best mother if she took more than 24 hours to notice I was gone. She just doesn't want to look bad infringement of her work buddies. I guess I've already caused her enough humiliation by dating Ashton. She could live a month without me. I cause too much trouble anyways. I still can't believe I'm actually going to leave this place, my family and my friends. Maybe it will be good for them an for me and for all the people that were angry with me like Alison, Jess, Kian, and my mom. I'm grateful Dylan was still my friend even though I didn't hang out with him as much. This tour will give some time for my family, friends and I to calm down. I have to be with Ashton anyways I cant stand the thought of being away from him for more than a month. We would grow apart and I can't handle that. I have to go to England.

"I love you" he whispered in my ear

Ashton laced his fingers through mine and we boarded the jet.

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