My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


12. Why?

Sawyer’s POV

“DAYAN!!!!” I grabbed Dayan and ran outside with him in my arms. Luckily James and Joey was in the car.


“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Joey yelled. I didn’t have time to explain to him what happened. I put Dayan in the front seat and drove.


At the Hospital

I ran to the emergency room with Dayan leaving Joey and James in the car.


“Excuse me ma’am? My adopted son I think attempted suicide, can you like stitch him up?” I asked the lady at the  front desk.


“OMG! Yes, doctor Yaw front desk now! Patient attempted suicide, bleeding rapidly, come down now!” The lady yelled in the speaker. That name she said sounded familiar.


“I’m here Nancy where is he?” the doctor said. “Nancy” pointed towards me and Dayan. He came over to us, grabbed Dayan and took off.




“Sir, calm down. If he didn’t,your son could have died. Now before you leave I need his, yours, and your girlfriends/fiance/wife name.”


“OK? His name is Dayan Mitchell, we haven’t gone to court to change his last name yet. Mines is Sawyer Hartman and my fiance’s is Joesph Graceffa.” I said proudly.


“Your gay?” She said straight to my face.


“YES! Got a problem?”


“No actually so am I, I just got married.” She held out her ring.




“Thanks! Anyways you should go somewhere besides here, we will call you when he’s able to come home.”


“Thanks!” I said and I left the ER to get Joey to the other part of the hospital. I got to the car and saw Joey and James standing outside of the car waiting for me. I took out my phone and sent Joey a text.


Dayan is going to be ok. His doctor, Doctor Yaw, took him quickly. They said to go somewhere so lets go get your hearing aid.


“Fine.” Joey said. We started going towards the hospital door.


“Hello, how may I help you?” The lady at the front desk said. I looked at her ring it looked exactly like the the lady’s at the ER’s.


“Um, we are here to get my fiances hearing aid so he can hear again. By any chance are you married to the lady in the ER?” I asked.


“Yes actually. Oh, here it is, Mr. Joey Graceffa. Go to room 113.”


“Thanks.” and we wheeled away.


We were waiting patiently for the doctor when I got a phone call.






“Hello Sawyer! You can come get Dayan but don’t bring James, he may get scared.”


“I think he can handle that. We’ll be there in a few minutes right now we’re getting Joey’s hearing aid. Bye.” I hung up and looked at Joey.


“Sawyer the doctor came in while you were on the phone. See?” he pointed to the hearing aid.” Say something please?” He looked at my pleading.


“I LOVE YOU!” I said out loud. Joey hugged me crying.


“I can hear you again! Lets go get Dayan.” Joey said.


“Wait, where’s James?” I’m not letting my kids out of my sight again after what happened with Dayan.


“Sawyer, he’s in the chair asleep. He’s not leaving you any time soon. Come on, lets go.” Joey wheeled off. I picked up James and we made our way to the ER. When we entered we saw Doctor Yaw sitting with Dayan.


“Ah, Sawyer! You must be Joey… wait sorry he can’t hear can he?” Doctor Yaw said.


Joey’s POV

“Ah, Sawyer! You must be Joey… wait sorry he can’t hear can he?” Doctor Yaw said.


“No, I can hear now. I got this hearing aid because apparently my ears weren’t fully damaged.” I said.


“OK. Anyways Dayan has somethings to tell you, Dayan?” Doctor Yaw said. He looked very familiar he looked like… SHANE! I remember Shane said him and his dad looked like twins.


“Anyways, he’s right over there. You can go over there.” Me, Sawyer, and James went over to Dayan.


“Dayan,” I began,” you can talk to me now. I can hear you.” He sat there quietly. “Dayan?”


“Who, who are you people?” Dayan said.


“Its me, Joey, and Sawyer is beside me.” I said.


“Y’all didn’t look like what I thought you would.”


“WHAT?!” I‘m confused, can he see us?


“Yeah, um, the doctor said that I can see now. When I say ‘see’ I mean like colors besides black!”


I looked at Sawyer and back to Dayan. Apparently me and Sawyer were thinking of the same thing. We engulfed him in a hug.

Sawyer pulled back and looked at Dayan’s scars on his arms and said “Why?”

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