My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


9. The Dream

Joey’s POV

My dad handed me my camera and I turned it on.


“Hello there all you chickeneanyas!!!!! Yes I am back but in an unusual place. That’s right I’m in the hospital in my bed. With my dad, sister, and Sawyer and James. Say hi guys!” I turned around the camera towards them and they waved. I turned it back around to me and continued. “Okay so on a little update. I’m glad y’all have given up breaking up me and Sawyer. All it took was for me to almost die. Anyways on the update. Me and James got into a wreck and he broke his arm. As for me my leg was found 3 feet away from the wreck so I lost my leg. Also glass from the car got in my eardrums and I lost my hearing. I’m able to talk because I grew up for 22 years being able to hear so I can still talk. I can only talk through, what?” Tyler had flown here. “Okay guys talk to you later Tyler Oakley is here.” Tyler just stood there in shock that I could talk.


"Hey Tyler!" He was about to say hi but a little boy was wheeled into my room. James stood up and ran towards me. He lipped something and he ran and hugged my amputated leg. “OWW!!!!” I screamed. James let go quickly of my leg while I went to grab it. I knew James was saying something but I didn’t know what. When the pain went away I looked at James he was crying. I held out my arms to hug him, but he squeezed closer to Sawyer. I looked at Sawyer and he walked to the board with James right behind him.


He wrote, ‘Is scared because you yelled at him and he found out you can’t hear him. He’s a little scared that you’ll never hear his voice again.’


I looked down, my own son now thinks I’m a freak. I started crying when the doctor came in. I opened my eyes to see what was going on and everyone was gone. I looked at the white board. There read, ‘Hey, the doctors said visiting time was over. We left your camera right beside you just in case. James was able to come home today, they said you can released in 3. Don’t worry about James. He’ll get use to having you around again. I love you ok and so does he. See you tomorrow!’


I sighed. James probably thinks I’m scary, he’s only 2 ½! I wish everything was normal. What’s James going to do when he gets teenage years! The doctor walked in towards the board. He was about to erase Sawyer’s message but then stopped and smiled. So he wrote under it. ‘We have been told that you’ve had some pain in your leg, is that correct?’




‘Okay. This stuff makes you sleepy. Ok?’


“Okay.” He pulled out the needle and stabbed it in my leg. Suddenly the pain went away and I started falling asleep.


Joey’s Dream


I feel someone shaking me. I open my eyes to see Sawyer waking me up for my 37th birthday. Sawyer entered the room grinning like a maniac. He was sign languaging the happy birthday song and James just... stood there.


"Thank you guys!" I say.


'You're welcome!' Sawyer signed. I looked over at James to see what he had to say. He said something which I couldn't hear.


"What are you saying James?” I ask. He sighs and walks away. I look at Sawyer.


'The bus is here.'


"OK." I said looking down.


'It's ok. Hey, it's your birthday. Lets have some fun!' I grin and crash my lips on his, but at the same time thinking about James.


One hour later

Sawyer left for work so I was at home all alone. I got a message from the school it said that I needed to come pick James up, James NEVER does something wrong? I got in my car and drove to school. I went into the office to find James sitting there and he then leads me to the principal's office. We put James in this school first we thought it was going to teach him everything he needs to learn to graduate plus there is a sign language class and the principal knows fluent sign language.


‘Hello Mr. Graceffa-Hartman!’


“Hello Mr. McNamara. I was messaged that James here got in trouble.”


‘Yes, Mr. James Graceffa-Hartman did.’ I looked at James and saw him yell something to the principal.


“Anyways, what happened?”


‘As you know the first part of the day James takes sign language. Well today he was angry. Through out the lesson he was mumbling something. When she got to her lesson on how to talk to adults through the hands he got angry. He was yelling I don’t care and he doesn’t love me. Apparently he went to the bathroom and carved this.’ He showed me a photo of it. It said ‘He can’t even say I love you too after I say I love you.’. I busted out in tears.


“I’m sorry for his behaviour sir.” I said,” He will improve.”


‘Well Joey how is he supposed to improve?’ I looked at the principal. ‘Didn’t you know. James is flunking and probably will have to repeat 12th grade.’ I sucked it up so I wouldn’t cry. I grabbed James’ arm pulling him to the car. Before we left the parking lot I stared at him.


“Why James?” I said.


‘Because you don’t know what I sound like. You can’t even responded to me unless I use my hands! This morning I was saying I love you, you can’t even read that but you can read papa’s lips. I can’t talk to you about things so how was I supposed to tell you. You want to know more ok. I’m gay. I get bullied because I have gay parents and I am as well. I’m still scared to talk to you because you have a prosthetic. I have a crush on a guy you would hate. Sometimes… I want to die. Come on dad answer me. What are you going to do. You should’ve made a video.”


VIDEO! I woke up from my dream. I grabbed my camera. This video is for James when he turns 17.

“Hey James, its your dad. here. So happy 17th birthday. I’m making this video while I’m at the hospital. You are 2 ½ at the moment and this is the day you saw my missing leg and found out I’m deaf. Anyways this video is for you because I love you. I want you to know that even if I can’t hear you I’ll always be there for you no matter what. I get I’m different but don’t let me stop you from your dreams. Keep going love you! MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR GOODBYE!!!” I closed my camera and smiled. I did a good thing just then all because of the dream.

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