My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


5. Suprise

Sawyer’s POV

My parents and Joey went out to get me some food so I’m here all alone. I was taking a nap when I heard a phone go off. Mines was right beside me but it wasn’t ringing. I walked into the kitchen and didn’t see a phone. The sound sounded muffled. I looked in the fridge beside the eggs. Joey had left his phone and it was ringing. I answered it not double checking who was the caller


Sawyer/Mr. Graceffa


“Hello Joey.”

“Um no, its Sawyer.”


“Yeah Joey’s… boyfriend.”

“You’re the boy the boy who kissed my son!”

“With any due respect sir who are you?"

"Joey's father. In a video it said that you and him are dating."

"We are sir."

"Ok, well put Joey on the phone I have some important news."

"Sorry, he isn't home right now we went to eat out with my parents."

"Ok tell him to call me ASAP!"

"I will sir, bye."



Well that was over with. It sounded important.


"Sawyer? You here?" Joey said.


"Yeah..." I said.


“We’re back and we brought you some aswell, also have you seen my phone?”


“Yeah, here it is,” I handed his phone to him,” you left it beside the eggs. I wish I had the guts to go with y’all to dinner.”


“Its okay. I get you’re having a rough time right now, but you must remember I’ll always be there for you.” There’s that reassuring smile I love. IT’S SO WHITE AND STRAIGHT!!!!


He was about to walk away when I said, “Oh, and your dad called. Something saying it was personal and important?”


His face fell, “What?”


Joey’s POV

Why would he call? Please tell me it’s not about James! James my mistake child. I was drunk one night and did it with a random girl she got pregnant and left him at my door step. He lives in Boston with my parents. I didn’t think it was a good idea for a baby to live in LA so I took him to Boston. When I visit he’s a ball of joy.




“Huh?” Breaking from my trance to look at Sawyer.


“Aren’t you going to call your dad?” he said.


“Yeah be right back.” I rushed up stairs and called my dad.


Joey/Mr. Graceffa



“Hello I’m glad you answered.”

“What do you need.”

“Me and James are on the way to your place. And you have a boyfriend!”

“Yes dad I do three months and WHAT?!”

“Me and your mom are too old for this, I’m sorry but he’s going to have to be a LAboy.”

“Fine, come on.”



“See you in two seconds.”


I walked downstairs seeing my dad talking to Sawyer. Aww that’s sweet, at least they’re bonding. I look behind my dad and see James. He must be shy, he’s first meeting Sawyer for peets sake.


“Joey?” Sawyer said looking at me.


“Hey dad!” Please hope Sawyer didn’t see James.


“Hello son. I think Sawyer here is a nice guy. Do you want me to get the suit…” I cut my dad off, well James did.


“Daddy!” And he came running straight towards me hugging me tightly, but then hid behind my legs from Sawyer. I would too because he looked angry.


“Sawyer let me explain.” I said.


“Explain, EXPLAIN?! Joey who is this?! How old is he?!”


“Sawyer this is James Marcus Graceffa. He is my son and he is two years old. Two years ago I went to a party, got drunk, slept with someone, got them pregnant, and here he is. Please don’t be mad. Once he gets use to you he is very bubbly and he can get shy if he get yells at.” I said I’m scared about his reaction.


“OK I understand but why is he just coming into the picture.?” He said surprising calm.


“I didn’t want him growing up to be a spoiled LA child so I took him to live with my parents and now they can’t take care of him anymore so now he’s here.” I said.


“Well he’s going to be spoiled now!” See this is why I love this guy.


“Thank you for understanding!” I said kissing Sawyer.


“Eww!” I heard a little voice say. I forgot that he’s never seen two guys kiss! He’s only seen my mom and dad kiss, yikes!


“Joey,” Sawyer whined,” why did you pull away?”


“My son has never seen two guys kiss only a guy and a girl.” I’m panicking as I keep looking up and down from my James to Sawyer and back again.


“First, Joey he’s our son now. Second, he’ll get used to it I promise. Third, he’ll open up to me.” he said grinning.


“How do you know?” James is terrified of him.


“Look down.” Sawyer said. I looked down to see James hugging on to Sawyer as he does to me. Sawyer picks him up, kisses me and we have a big family hug. I’m glad to have a little surprise to tell my big surprise.


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