My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


19. Oh, noooo.....

Ash's POV “ASH WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!!!” Dayan had just back home from therapy and here I am sitting on his bed watching tv. “Well lets see. Me, Marie, and Nancy got into a fight. I couldn’t take it, I left and came to the only place I know!” I said. “Then, I’m home now and you can get out.” “Dayan…” “NO! Look you lead me on all the time, but then you say no and-” I cut him off by kissing him. I just did it for Marcus and Dayan’s sake. “That’s what I mean. Earlier you were like lets do ‘it’, but then you tell me to stop. Then you kiss me and you don’t have the love in your eyes! You know what! They were right. You don’t know what love is, or friends, or-” “DAYAN SHUT UP!!!! I may not know all of these things well but I try. Ever since I first showed up Marie and Nancy hated me. I was never allowed to go to school because they thought I was a freak. Marcus had to go to counseling to teach him to control his anger so I’d never show up and if they went took me to the park I was to pretend I was deaf or mute. Marcus had to keep that act up all the time because they didn’t want anyone to know about me. I started to show up more when Marcus came out because he would get mad at the bullies. Dayan, I know I’ve been leading you down and up the path of my life, but I do it for Marcus and my sake. I’m straight as a pin, when you and me go in public I always want to look at the girls. Since me and Marcus look alike and everyone knows you two are together I do it for y’all. When I kiss you it’s because Marcus wants a kiss. If you want to cuddle I do it so you can have the feeling of your boyfriend. Trust me, I have a soft side and only you and Marcus now about that. I care for Marie and Nancy, but they just think I’m just mean and cruel. If you hate me, fine. You can’t hate Marcus though cause he loves you. Ok?” Next thing I know Dayan is crying into my shirt. In my head I hear sobbing from Marcus. All I can do is smile. “OK, Ash, I’m taking you out to get yourself a girlfriend!” Dayan said trying to recover. “Dayan it’s fine, really. You and Marcus are together and I’m in the place of him so its fine.” “No it’s not! To the mall!!!!” *The Mall* “Ash, keep up!” Dayan yelled at me. For the last hour we’ve been shopping. He was suppose to find me a girlfriend and this isn’t helping. When I walk past people carrying the bags they call me gay or fag. “Um, Dayan?” I asked. “Yes!” “Aren’t we here to find me a girlfriend?” “OH MY GOSH, I’m sorry!! Go put the bags in the car and-” “Neither of us can drive. Remember we walked since it wasn’t far from your house?” “Oh yeah… Well lets go to the food court to-” I didn’t hear the rest. There was this girl she was pretty and she was looking at me. “MARCUS!!!!!!” I broke our eye contact to see Ash and the bullies. “AWW, Marcus came to save you-” I punched in the nose and walked off. I didn’t get far when Dayan came up and kissed me. I looked up to see the girl kissing another girl as well. Ok, I’m confused. “Dayan, come with me.” We walked to the girl I was looking at. “Hi my names-” “Lily!” The other girl interrupted. “I’m-” “Marcus!” Dayan interrupted me. “Let me guess. You're like an alternate person of someone else who’s gay and has to act like that person?” “Lily” said. “Yeah. My name is Ash.” “Abby.” “Mission complete!” We turned around to Dayan and the other chick. “What mission?!” Abby screamed. “Daliah, what’s going on?!” “Well…” Daliah began. “Me and Dayan are cousins. We reunited at school on his first day. We both like or love someone that is like a double person, but the other is straight. Dayan called me to meet him at the mall so y’all could meet. Here we are with a new couple!” “WE JUST MET!!!!!!!” We both screamed. “But we know you both have everything in common’!” “But-” “HEY DAYAN AND DALIAH!!!! YOUR LOVERS ARE CHEATING ON YOU!!!!!” David came up and punched Dayan and Daliah. I went to help them, but I blacked out. Dayan’s POV I’m just got beat up and Ash is being coward. “ASH! What happened to you helping me?” “I got scared…” That quiet, but timid voice. “Marcus?” “Yes, I missed kissing you!” He kissed me and I looked at Daliah and Abby. Abby had sad eyes. Abby took off crying. “ABBY!!!!” Daliah screamed. “DAYAN WHY ARE YOU AT THE MALL WITHOUT ME OR SAWYER?!” Oh, noooo…..
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