My Bad Boy

Jordan is a good girl. She always does her homework and always shows up to class. Her and her best friend Jasmine go to L.A and see everything they want to. Thy meet a guy that is not like them at all. Will Jordan fall for him or will Jasmine?


1. To L.A

Beep, beep, beep! I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off. 4:30. Perfect, I was meeting my best friend Jasmine at the TPA airport to go to L.A. I got out of bed, and started doing my hair. I text Jasmine. "Wake up wake up!! See u there:)" I hit send. A minute later she replied "yep. I'm so excited:)" I smiled and put my phone is my back pocket, and grabbed my suitcase. I walked out my door and locked it. I walked to my car and started up the engine. I drove to the airport and saw Jasmine. "Jasmine!!" I yelled. She looked confused and looked around. I waved my hands, and she saw me. I ran to her and we hugged. "This is going to be awesome!" She said. "I know, I'm so excited." I said. "Ladies let's go. Your plane leaves in ten minutes." The guys said. We ran to the line and went through security. We ran in line and boarded the plane. We got our seats and I pulled out my headphones. I fell into a deep sleep for the whole five hours.

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