One Sided Deal

The names Emerald but you can call me "Em" I stook my hand out politely to shake his hand. He gladly took it with a smirk on his face. "The names Wesley but for you babe you call me Wes"

I laughed at his remark as his eyes went serious and his strong hand grabbed my wrist I screamed at the sudden movement. Wes covered my mouth with his hand I looked up to see his usually greyish blue eyes but realized they are now red "Shut up" he whisper yelled through clenched teeth. "Your coming with me" the smirk crawled its way back on to his face as he dragged me away.


5. Chapter 3 Try it again

My head was killing me I could feel the headache coming. My heart was beating faster then I thought possible, and above that I was terrified I could see in Wesley's posture that not only was he extremely angry and out of breath, but that he was also capable of a lot of things. I was thinking about all the things he could do to hurt me when I heard the school bell ring alarming wandering students that they where now late. " I guess we better go now" Wesley said while his eyes changing back to their original grayish blue color. I gave a sigh of relief as Wesley started walking away from me leaving me with red hand marks on my arm.

I thought I was off the hook until Wesley started speaking again " don't be too happy now. I meant what I said I am going to make you regret what you did."

I wonder what he's going to do to me. I wonder but I don't want to find out.


As I walked back into the school I decided to skip my first class which according to my schedule was math. Instead I made my way to the bathroom to check on my wounds. I pushed open the white door to find quite a big school bathroom with nine stalls. I made my way to the small mirror ready to see what Wesley did to me. As I got to the mirror a wave of nausea hit me. I ran too the nearest stall and emptied my stomach until my body decided it was enough.

I made my way back to the mirror to find someone was standing there. She had black hair that went down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a dark purple hoodie and jeans." Hey my names Amanda you must be emerald" my thought were interrupted by Amanda speaking." Oh.... Yeah hi ummmm how did you know my name" she chuckled a bit " word spreads fast" Amanda gave me a very sweet smile which I returned" oh well that's cool nice to meet you" I said to her " yeah you too."

" So have you just moved here?" She questioned while raising an eyebrow." Oh yeah I moved her from New York" I said with a smile while washing my hands at the sink. " New York What! What would make you move to Vancouver from New York?" I didn't want to tell her the real reason I moved here so I improvised " oh just reasons" I said while shaking of my hands and drying them with a towel. I looked back up at her when I finished she had a look of confusion etched into her features but she quickly changed with a kind smile. " Well I have to get back too class, but do you mind giving me your number." " yeah sure" I walked over to her outstretched hand which held her phone I typed my name and number in and with that she smiled at me an walked out. " Bye Amanda nice meeting you!" I yells as she left the bathroom " Nice meeting you too emerald! See you around" she yelled right back. I stared at the door until it completely closed. I let out a sigh of relief as I turned back around making my way too the mirror.

What I saw surprised me, my face was very pale and my arms had red marks form Wesley holding me too tight. I splashed my face with warm water in an attempt to bring the color back too my face.

Once I succeeded in bringing color to my face I walked out of the bathroom pulling the sleeves of my shirt down so nobody would see the horrible and painful marks Wesley had left on my skin. I pushed open the bathroom door and strolled out putting on a fake smile. Really I was dying inside hoping Wesley wasn't anywhere near me.

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