One Sided Deal

The names Emerald but you can call me "Em" I stook my hand out politely to shake his hand. He gladly took it with a smirk on his face. "The names Wesley but for you babe you call me Wes"

I laughed at his remark as his eyes went serious and his strong hand grabbed my wrist I screamed at the sudden movement. Wes covered my mouth with his hand I looked up to see his usually greyish blue eyes but realized they are now red "Shut up" he whisper yelled through clenched teeth. "Your coming with me" the smirk crawled its way back on to his face as he dragged me away.


16. Chapter 13 Unwanted visitor

  As we walked back outside the hot house I fresh breeze hit me in the face and I stopped in my tracks closing my eyes and enjoyed the cold air in my face. " What are you doing?" I turned to see Flitch staring at me laughing a bit. I smiled " I guess I just have to get used to the smell of alcohol and cigarettes" He shook his head " You don't need to get used to it, I don't like the idea of you smoking" I just stared at him for a bit and started laughing, " What?" He questioned " Exactly!!!" I shouted at him through my laughs. " What do you mean!" He shouted at me " You seem to innocent to be around us, I don't like it" He confessed throwing his arms up in the air. I sighed in defeat the fact that he thought I was to innocent to be smoking was cute and it attracted me to him, but for some reason I have always wanted a relationship but haven't ever had one for the fear of it all ending and being left alone sad and depressed.


" I understand that you are looking out for me, but I have been through too much crap to care right now" I stated " I have too much stress that I really just want to let go. Things have happened and I want to forget them, thanks though" Flitch chuckled a bit " God no M, I don't mean it like that I am just warning you if you want to get out of stress you probably shouldn't get too involved with us." His tone had gone from joking to serious it a couple seconds and it scared me a bit. I hadn't realized we had stopped walking until I started getting cold I shivered a little bit. 


" Here lets get to my car to warm up a bit, okay?" I nodded my head and let him lead me to his car. Once we got to his car I immediately recognized it as a Jeep Wrangler, the dark green paint had been splattered with dirt but it still looked new. " Nice car" I said once we had got inside the car," It definitely beats my Echo." He smiled a proud smile and looked at me " Thanks its new" I returned his smile " Nice." 


Once he had taken his role at starting the car and beginning to drive I took mine and began to talk. " So whats with all the nicknames and stuff I mean I know they are cool and whatever, but why do you all have one?" I waited patiently as he fixed his dark brown hair into a quiff. His Jeep smelled like smoke but I had grown accustomed to it because my dad had smoked..... when he was here. " Well it is actually a really stupid story" I looked him in his gray eyes " I am listening" I spoke.



" Well it was summer two years ago, and we were all at the park hanging out like we had grown accustomed to. I don't exactly remember who brought up the fact the he didn't like his name, I am pretty sure it was Dex, Anyway we ended up all agreeing that we didn't like the names we would be known by in society, So that resulted in the making of our names and- WAIT! what is your address" I laughed handing him a piece of paper with my address he took it gave it back and made a quick u-turn before continuing to speak," So yeah,  I guess they just stook." I nodded my head with this new information. 



" Well what are your real names?" Flitch looked at me with a mischievous smile on his face," Well that Glasses is a story for another day" I stomped my foot on the ground like a stubborn child " COME ON!!!!!! TELL ME!!!!!" He just shook his head not bothering to look at me. " PLEASE!!!!!!!!" I begged. I swear if I could get down on my knees I would, Flitch simply shook his head " We don't have enough time either" He stated nodding his head toward my driveway" I sighed "you will tell me one day"

He shook his head " Don't count on it Four Eyes" He said laughing I opened the passenger door and ran out. Once I was at my porch I took of my glasses and stook my tongue out at him and could see him laugh and reverse the car.


Once his bright head lights were gone I noticed the truck parked on the other side of the road. Wes.









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