The Z.A.P. Trio!

**PERCY JACKSON FANFIC*** We are the Z.A.P. trio! Z.A.P. stands for Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon (our parents). Our mortal enemies are of course the monsters we fight and A.A.A. which stands for Aphrodite, Ares, and Aphrodite again (their parents).


1. Prologue

            Katharina P.O.V.


       I can remember the day I became friends with the people I was with now..... It was a Saturday. Maybe a Monday. I really don't remember. But the point is we're friends now, thanks to Camp Half-Blood.

       Tayla is a daughter of Poseidon. She is funny, out-going and a FABULOUS swimmer! Albina is the daughter of Apollo. She has the laugh that makes you want to join in. She is the creative one of the group. Percy, Tayla's half-brother, has the same personality as Tayla. He comes up with a lot of plans but Annabeth. Percy's girlfriend, usually rejects them. Annabeth is the sensible one, of course because she is the daughter of Athena. Then there's me. Daughter of Zeus, high and mighty god of the sky. I'm the one who has the brains but doesn't care. I'm loud and proud and not afraid to prove it. Nothing really scares me.

       Anyways back to what I was saying. met at Camp Half-Blood.

       For you highly noisy people this is the forceful way the Z.A.P trio met.... well it was like every normal day you know running like your pants are on fire. so the reason I was running was well you know being chased by a kindly one is a decent reason. So I'm running up this hill and is currently out running this flying bat hag. Until some rtards ran into me. Ugh.. I fucking hate people can't the see I'm running from a fuckking bat hag. you know what makes this more joyful they had monsters after them but the monsters stopped after we got past the barrier.

       I learned their names and their stories. After that we were never apart.

       I have pale skin, greenbrown eyes and talll, wild pale red hair.She is 5' 10" and has an average build.A notable feature is my accent which people usually find funny. I am from Germany.

       Tayla has tanned skin, blue-green eyes and dirty blonde hair. She is 5'4 and average build. She also have an accent but hers is Austrailien. Albina is like Tayla but taller and her accent is Italian.


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