The Z.A.P. Trio!

**PERCY JACKSON FANFIC*** We are the Z.A.P. trio! Z.A.P. stands for Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon (our parents). Our mortal enemies are of course the monsters we fight and A.A.A. which stands for Aphrodite, Ares, and Aphrodite again (their parents).


2. Chapter 1

 Tayla's P.O.V.


       "Kat!!!!" I yelled to Katharina.

       "What?!?" she yelled back

       "Where's Percy?"

       "With Annabeth and Jason and Piper! They're having a picnic on the beach. We are clear to make the blanket fort in the Poseidon cabin!"


       We all commenced making the blanket fort... and by we I mean the Stoll brothers, Tyson, Beany (Albina), Kat, Leo, and of course myself.

       The reason Percy couldn't be there was because he'd flip shit! That's why we sent him away.......

       I ran to the Zeus cabin to get more blankets and that's when I ran into the bitch... A.K.A Cindy. Little daughter of Aphrodite!!!!!!! Ughhh I hate them! I saw her mouth moving, but I wasn't paying attention, all I know is that it wasn't friendly. I willed the water and she looked like a drenched rat.


       I then continued my journey to the Zeus cabin to get more blankets, and a couple of pillows. I grabbed as much as I could carry and walked back to cabin 3. Time to start this blanket fort partaaaaa!

       First we build. Let's say that we should work on building these it took 6 tries! Yup but we built the supreme ultimate fortress of awesome blanket pillow fort, as I call it Mount Blanket.

       Now we start the paper air plane war. While eating peanut butter sandwiches and cookies from our outside source. (*cough cough* smuggler *cough cough*)

       So we partied a bit, then we realised that we missed our activities. Also someone had realised we disappeared. (*cough cough* Percy *cough cough*) So we handled it as maturely as possible... barracked the door, yup problem solved. 

       But we forgot about these magical portals of glass called windows. Yah, see the Stoll's got out without people knowing they were even there.(So not fair..) So now me, Beanie, Katharina, Tyson and Leo are in some trouble because one we missed our training classes, two no mixing of the genders and the third thing is we created a tornado like mess.

        Squidward was unhappy by unhappy I mean everyone but me are soaked but Beanie didn't mind she just laughed. Yah so after a hour of cleaning or in Kat's case 'supervising' we finished. So all in all we had a pretty good fort day.   


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