CorkyPorky's Cover Store //CLOSED

I really enjoy making covers, so I figured why not make covers for other people on Movellas?

Just comment the details listed in the first chapter and I'll do my best to make a cover to the best of my ability.

Wait for covers can vary from 1-5 days.




Some of the covers I've made:


If you're reading this because you want a cover made for you then just comment the details listed below:



1. Name/Title of Movella :

2. Genre/Mood :

3. Celebrities or certain images you want included :

4. Summary/Link :

5. Author : (Do you want it on there or not?)

6. Color scheme (optional) :

7. Other (optional) :


I'll try to get around to making your cover as soon as possible and will post it in this Movella when I'm finished so you can save it to your computer. I will ensure the cover is the right size to be uploaded to movellas. I'll also like your comment with the details when I've finished your cover!

Please note that I do my covers based on first come, first serve! 

Please be patient with me and know that during school terms, it will take me slightly longer to upload the covers. THANKS!


-And if you don't happen to like a cover for any reason, you can ask for a new one or I don't mind if you don't use it! I just like making them so I'm not too fussed if you don't use them. I hope you do like them though! :)


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