Unlucky For A Day

Jason Luckyson was the luckiest guy in the world. He was born into a rich family, he had his whole future planned ahead of him, and the most gorgeous girlfriend ever. But then when the clock struck midnight, Friday 13th arrived. Jason's luck began to change for the worst. You can't be lucky forever. Can he survive the terrible trickory in store for him? Or will he perish to all the fate being flung his way?


1. The Life Of A Big Shot

Jason Luckyson lived the life of a big shot. He really did have it all. A rich loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, money that grew on trees, and everything he could ever want. He had his own house at the age of 14, now he's 16 he has his own pool, a hot tub, 4 bathrooms, 5 bedroom, a huge games room, along with many other rooms within his huge mantion in the middle of a little town. Everybody liked him, and everyone dreamed of being his friend. He had a huge garden that his pet dog Daisy would spend hours playing around in. His pond was full of massive koi carp that were a magical aray of colours. His gardens bloomed thanks to the gardeners he could afford to pay for. He even had cooks to make his daily meals in a huge kitchen. Servants would bath him, polish his shoes, and even tuck him into bed. Being so rich he had to have body guards as well. Men that were willing go die for him.

His garden was so grand, it invited the most royal of creatures, the swan. He had a mated pair called River and Luke. Everyday he would sit his golden bench, and feed the swans the most expendive bread money could buy, just because he could simply afford it. Sleeping in a kingsized bed, with money burning a whole in your pocket, and such a perfect start in life can sometimes take over a mans life. But what if Jason was to lose all of his luck. After all, it was only luck made his parents the lucky winners when they entered the lottery for the 50th time. They would buy a ticket every week till they finally won. Then they bought a music studio, and his dad's songs finally hit it off. His parents luck changed for the best, but what Jason's was to change for the worst?


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