Finally Ready

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  • Published: 17 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 17 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Just out of college, Elizabeth pursues her life long dream of becoming a writer in the heart of New York City, when an unexpected decision by a close friend throws her life into chaos.


6. George

"WHAT?!??!?!??!?!" I shrieked. I forced myself up and stared at the doctor. He cowered a bit but spoke up. "As I said, I hate to b-" I cut him off immediately. "SAY THAT AGAIN." "Well, it's necessary that you receive an amputation of your right leg." He repeated. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" I screamed, refusing to believe. "Elizabeth," The doctor said calmly. "It's something you need to learn to accept. Lamenting, I pulled the covers over my head and buried my face into my soft pillow. I would never be able to accept this. Never. I could deal with having casts, braces, broken bones and whatnot, but losing a leg? Impossible to comprehend. The doctor silently slipped out of my room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Musing intently, I watched the pearly white flakes fall down to the street below, as I shivered in the chilly room.

After a restless night, a nurse pushed in a cart of toast and fruit. She began to butter the toast and pile the fruit on a plate for me. "Try to eat what you can, but don't force it down, okay?" I nodded gratefully, and pulled the plate towards me. She wheeled the cart out of the room, letting George in. Thank god, someone who could comfort me.

"George!" I said "Aren't you supposed to be with Jessica?!?" For in a few days was Christmas Eve. He laughed grimly, "You think I would leave at a time like this?"

"Maybe...?" I said, grateful that he would stay. "She must be pissed." I said, grimacing. "Yeah, but nothing I can't handle." He said confidently. "And there's something I've been meaning to tell you.." He took a deep breath. "When I thought you were..were...gone, I realized how much more you mean to me than Jessica, and how much I need you. I don't know what I'd do without you and I want to be with you forever." I sucked in my breath. "So," he continued. "I've decided to break up with Jessica, in hope you'd like to see a movie sometime." I laughed at his ridiculous way of asking me out but, appreciated it none the less.

"Yes!" I said excitedly. "Yes! Yes! Of course!" I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I was ecstatic that I wouldn't have to go through this horrible process alone, and that one of my wildest dreams had come true.

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