Finally Ready

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  • Published: 17 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 17 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Just out of college, Elizabeth pursues her life long dream of becoming a writer in the heart of New York City, when an unexpected decision by a close friend throws her life into chaos.


1. Not Ready

I sat, sipping a peppermint latte, watching the thick snowflakes come down. Laughing people passed the café window, shopping bags in their hands. I gazed, mesmerized by the steady pace of the snow. The bell attached to the door trinkled, as someone entered. I looked up to see a familiar face smiling down at me. "How was it Liz?!" Asked a young, hazel-haired man, his piercing blue eyes staring into mine. I sighed and looked at the floor as a tear formed in my eye. His hopeful expression faded away and he sat down next to me. I felt his sturdy arm wrap around my shoulders as my tear hit the ground.

"George, I don't think this is what I should be doing," I said. "Every publisher I've met with has said the same thing. 'You're not ready.' If I'm not ready now, when will I ever be?!" I said the last sentence with such force, that George's empathetic facial expression was replaced with an astonished one. He looked down at the silver laptop I was holding and sighed. He genuinely felt my pain. There was a momentary silence, and then he spoke. "Liz, I honestly believe that these 'publishers' have no idea who they're talking to. They denied a future bestselling author, and will regret their decision for the rest of their lives." As he said this, his eyes never looked beyond mine. "Every thing will be alright. I promise." 

He pulled me into a tight hug, and I began to cry. Crystal tears gushed from my eyes, making the world around us look fuzzy and distorted. I could only distinguish the bright Christmas lights as George pulled me into the blizzard. I wiped my tears away, trying to be optimistic. That wasn't my last chance. I'd just have to write a new book. I thought about the comments the publishers had made...'Not captivating enough'.....'Rather boring'..... Thinking about these things made my heart heavy. The icy wind blew through my hair as I clenched my coat closer. A gust of thick snowflakes obscured my vision, the only thing I could see was George's jovial face.

He was always so cheery, even in the coldest weather, the darkest times, he made everything better. I was so lucky to be friends with a man as great as him. Friends. Friends. Friends, is an indefinite word....what does it mean? Ever since I graduated, he'd been at my side, helping me through my adventures with publishers, providing companionship, love and support. Brotherly love....I needed more than that. But now, with Jessica occupying all his free time, It was a wonder that he made time for me. The only reason he was with me then, was because she went home from the holidays, leaving him in The Big Apple, free to do what he pleased until he was supposed to join her, a few days before Christmas eve. I returned to reality, and realized we were in Central Park. The glistening trees were covered with puffy snow, the frozen lake filled with skaters, shouting with glee. George pulled me onto an empty bench, beaming. It was impossible not to return a smile as cheerful as his, so I grinned back, but my heart still felt heavy.


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