Christmas Love

lonely, sheltered and shy Rhiannon has never had a friend, the only friend she has only known are in the safety of her books. Everything changes when one Christmas trip brings her the greatest Christmas gift of all: a friend.


1. The Call

Christmas can bring families and friends together and can also bring the joy of opening presents under the tree on Christmas Day.

But what if your a girl like me who spends Christmas every year with only your Mom who actually has to work as a telephone operator every day of every week of every year with no rest, not even on holiday's?

"Mom why can't you just quit that job and spend more time with me? You know you do not want me to spend all Christmas break on books, or do you?"

"I'm sorry honey but It will be more difficult looking for a new job plus you and I know that we need the money, how will we manage if I quit?"

"Mom, I can get a job at a clothing store or in a restaurant." I almost said with hope.

"No absolutely you are not you are going to finish high school, plus you are only fourteen, Rhee. You still cannot have a job until you are sixteen."

I sighed sitting back down on the living room couch to read "Heaven to Betsy" wishing I could be just like Betsy Ray, the high school Freshmen girl with a crowd of friends who loved and admired her. But I knew that would never happen to me.

Meanwhile the first and second weeks of December went by as usual as ever with me and my mom doing the same routine as always. Her going to work as early as four in the morning and returning at ten in the night, while me going to school, pouring over school work and my books not bothering to face the crowds of students looking at me as if I was different from them, which I can feel, touching my nose in the girls bathroom looking at it, I realized that it looked kind of weird as ever. Mom told me that it is because I never knew how to clean my nose the right way so that I can say is my cause for having a nose turned that way, down and droopy.

It was Friday when my mom received a phone call from Aunt Marline saying if I wanted to spend Christmas vacation in Milwaukee with them.

I wasn't sure if my mom was going to afford sending me but surprisingly she did, so I agreed.

I was really looking forward to seeing my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins once more in Milwaukee for they are totally the opposite of me, they feel the house with laughter and warmth and people who they know from near and far. My mom decided to stay for her job required that she be needed at work during the holiday's.

I could hear my Aunt over the phone trying to persuade my mom to come also but she said "No Marline I will be okay plus I will be just working every day that I wouldn't have time to be with Rhiannon, plus I know that she needs this trip so she can go out and make friends for I worry sometimes that she does not have any."

"Okay Lucy just don't stress yourself too much you need a break also, just remember that."

"I will Marline, Thanks Bye!"

After I heard my mom hang up the phone I went to my room as quickly as possible hoping she did not notice me overhearing.

Luckily she didn't notice.

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