is it santa?

little story to get you in the Christmas mood xx ;)


1. is it santa?

I looked round at my sister, Elsa's warm, deep blue eyes. Her dark brown hair was long and shimmered in the Christmas tree lights. My mum was humming as her delicate hands stirred cake mixture, lightly. My dad was lighting the fire, poking logs with a metal stick. I walked over to the tall Christmas tree, standing proud with a glittering angel on the top.

It was Christmas eve and the whole family was buzzing with excitement, any minute now grandparents and uncles and aunties and cousins would burst through the door lifting the mood even higher. I was just putting finishing touches on the Christmas tree, hanging each perfectly shaped bauble with my tentative care. I gazed at the beautiful presents sitting effortlessly under the tree. when suddenly a knock at the door broke my valuable thoughts. A ran towards the door and greeted my family member's smiling faces. they hugged my sister and I before handing mum and dad a big bag full of generous Christmas presents. "my! haven't you grown!" exclaimed my grandmother, gleefully before we all sat down to tuck into the Christmas cupcakes my mum had made.

"Isn't it time you hopped to bed, molly?" said my sister promptly so that her and Annabelle (my cousin) could talk without me hearing. "ok, El, I am quite tired. Goodnight everybody!" I said before I kissed everybody goodnight. I sloped up the stairs to my sisters room where there had been a blow up bed set up for me. I got in the bed and closed my eyes, I secretly held my tatty teddy bear close. The vague sound of laughing and talking loudly filled my thoughts as I was drifting off into a peaceful sleep, I fell asleep even though I could hear every tiny little noise around me. I could hear my relatives' footsteps coming upstairs to bed, Elsa creped into the room and stepped over me as I fell asleep...

I woke up with startle. It couldn't be morning already could it? I asked myself, I glanced at my watch which read "2:15am" I heard a bang which made me jump, the thud was followed by a big belly laugh and it seemed to be coming from above me. My heart started beating faster and  faster, my breathing became heavier as another noise came from downstairs. Beads of sweat dripped off my head as I got up and walked over to the bedroom door. I gripped the handle, my palms sweaty but cold as ice. I stepped as carefully as I could, the muffled noise downstairs was getting clearer as I edged closer to the living room. I was cautious not to step on the floor board that squeaked as I reached the living room door. silently, I pushed the wooden door a jar so that it wouldn't squeak and I peered at the living room carpet. I could just about make out a dark shadow of a man. Suddenly, something about the shadow soothed me my heart pace slowed as did my breathing. I slowly walked into the room I saw the Christmas tree reaching up to the ceiling, but that wasn't what drew my attention. Is it Santa? I thought to myself could it really be? the thought pleased me, I saw a velvet, red sleeve stick out from the tree. "Santa?" I asked nervously, the hand gestured towards 3 stockings full of presents "have a lovely Christmas, molly" said a warm comforting voice, coming from behind the tree "thank you" I said before tip toeing back into my warm bed...

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