It's all I ever hear.
Wanna know why? I'm deaf.
People tease me, but they don't know I'm deaf.
Neither do they know I'm gay, or that I used to smoke.
They know my name, not my story.
I'm Harry.
Harry Styles!


5. I'll go through hell

Louis' POV

*After school*


I was walking home, looking at my phone and smiling at Liam's(my best mate from back home...He's closet gay) attempt of text type.


Li: Yh m8, ik, but just :) at 'em!!!

Lou: How? He beat 'im up, RIGHT INFRONT OF ME! I sighed, ruffling my hair, as I arrived at my new house. I unlocked the door, before the famouse buzz of my phone interupted me again.

Li: If u wan survive there, play along! It'll get fine, m8, CHIN UP, FCKA ;D I laughed at him again, before tilting my phone and dropping it onto my bed, belly flopping down next to it. I got back up and sighed, deciding that a shower would probably do me good.


I ran to my speakers, turned them right up and put on Hey Brother by Avicii. Yes, I do listen to him, I love Avicii. I got in the shower, twisting the unfamiliar knob and letting the little droplets bullet down at me, soothing me. I sang out loud to the song and chuckled slightly, before jumping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my waist.


Harry's POV


I sighed in frustration and and slipped my boots on, storming out of the house. I took a few steps, before storming towards the house and knocking loudly on the door. I waited for a while, until the door was flung open and there stood Louis... Half naked. He had a towel around his waist, which was tugged down a little, revealing a V-line. My eyes widened at his abs, but I mangaged to pull them up at Louis' face, to find him smirking.


''Like what you see?'' He smirked, spreading his arms out. I swear, I melted right there, but I knew I had to keep my cool.


''Er, sorry, but please can you t-turn your m-music down? My sister, G-Gemma, is trying to s-study...She has an e-exam.'' I stammered, looking down at my feet. He winked and slammed the door, so I had to run back home.


''Gem, I told him to!'' I shouted up at her, before slouching down in the sofa, closing my eyes and remembering how he looked earlier. That V-line, those abs with the little droplets slipping around, and his wet dripping hair. I think he might've had ashower, but I let that slip my mind for now, and before I knew it, I was asleep.


Louis' POV


I turned the music down and grinned to myself at how he stammered earlier. He was so cute, but I know I'll have to die twice and shoot Jesus before I'll be able to have him as mine. But if it means he's mine, I'll go through hell to get there.

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