It's all I ever hear.
Wanna know why? I'm deaf.
People tease me, but they don't know I'm deaf.
Neither do they know I'm gay, or that I used to smoke.
They know my name, not my story.
I'm Harry.
Harry Styles!


1. Prologue

Harry's POV


I'm Harry. Harry Styles. I'm deaf, I'm gay and I used to smoke. But it doesn't make me bad, promise. However no one in my school knows any of these stuff. They just think I'm shy, and that I don't talk to anyone. I CAN lip read, but they have to talk very slowly for me to be able to understand them.


Right now, I'm in English, a lesson I don't mind that much because the teacher is a slow talker.


''Please get your books out, guys. We're reading The Woman In Black and soon we'll watch the movie.'' She said, smiling in a scary way. We were all about to get our books out when a boy burst through the door. He had brownish hair styled in a quiff, and his cheek bones were showing. To be honest, he was quite fit looking. He wore a white half unbuttoned t-shirt and red chinos. His abs stood out clearly, and his hazel eyes shined. I dropped my pen onto the table as did every girl in the class, even though I was a boy. The teacher said something, because he made his way over to the empty desk near me.


When he noticed I was staring he winked and turned around to face the teacher. I turned back around and tried to concentrate as the boy made himself comfortable in his desk.


''Louis.'' The teacher mouthed, or said but I couldn't hear, and the boy next to me snapped his head up, making his hair flow out of his eyes. I sighed quietly and looked down at the desk, hoping no one saw me blushing. Then Louis, I think his name was as the teacher said, poked me. I looked up and smiled at him, as he said something. But I didn't bother reading his lips even though he talked slow. He then sighed in what looked like frustration and pointed at the teacher who was waiting for me to look at her with her arms crossed over her chest.


''Oh.'' I mumbled standing up as instructed.


''Can you show Louis around the school this week?'' She said and I nodded turning to face the cute boy sat with his feet up on the desk. The teacher must've said something about that as everyone looked as though they were laughing and Louis dropped his leg to the floor and smiled, winking at the group of girls in the corner. They all fussed about, and I sat down, ignoring everyone for the rest of the lesson.


When the lesson finally ended, I stood up and packed my stuff away. I turned around and waited for Louis to pack up so I can walk him to his next lesson.


''Ready.'' He smiled up at me, flicking his hair out of his eyes again. He looked so fit walking down with his chinos pulled slightly down so that you can just about see his boxers, not too far down like a try-hard, and not too far up like a nerd. I just wear mine normally. I smiled down at the ground as good thoughts rushed through my head. Then Louis' hand hit my arm hard making my head snap up.


''I SAID WHAT ARE YOU SMILING AT!'' He screamed in my ear, making my smile fade.


''I-I was s-smiling at a...g-good memory-y.'' I stuttered blushing very badly. Louis looked satisfied and carried on walking. I had to keep looking up every now and then, just to make sure he wasn't talking.


Good going, Haz. Making the hottest boy you may ever come across angry from the first day you meet him, nice one! I sighed and stood outside his classroom, which I wasn't in. I smiled and walked away not bothering to look back.

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