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A Nicki Minaj story .. Story was made to look like the actual thing..It has Drake (dricki) and Safaree (onikafaree) in it so no worries.. No ONESHOTS. :) Please leave comments/critics/tips .. it helps :) Ohh & VOTE please :) It might start of kind of low, but remember, we're looking at someone's life, so we're starting from small ..


7. Mixed Situation

Onika is now 14 years old. School’s out for the summer and she super happy that it indeed is. Her mom’s been trying to get her to go to a performing arts school and she just might do it. She loves to act and sing so why not? She’s about to run into a terrible problem right before school begins. What will she do?   Onika’s P.O.V.   I’m here infront of this massive school building once again. This time to go to High School. Mom says it’s a performing arts school and so I guess that’s what we both want me to do later in life. I take a deep breath. Wait, I have no voice… how am I going to sing?   “Mom!” I croaked loudly. She looked at me startled then smiled.   “Yes honey.”   “How am I going to perform with no voice?!?”  I  tried yelling. The tears were prickling my eyes.  My throat hurt. I really didn’t want to go anymore.   “Mommy, I don’t want to go any more.” I say to her with tears in my eyes. “ I don’t want to embarrass myself.” She just held me in a tight hug.   “Baby, remember you have 2 auditions. 1 for singing and 1 for acting. Your great at both so don’t worry about 1. Okay?” she says looking me in the eyes.   I sighed. “Okay, let’s go.”   End P.O.V.   Onika did her first audition which was singing. She failed miserably. It really did hurt her. She just wanted to leave right then, but her mother wouldn’t let her. She then went in to do her acting audition.  When she was about 2 minutes into the audition, she relaxed and let her acting skills do the job. The judges really liked her performance. It seemed so realistic in their eyes. They gave her a standing ovation.   “Lovely, dahh-ling” said the 1st judge. It was a british male.   “I’d really love to see you again little one.” Said the 2nd while the 3rd just continued clapping.   Onika was beaming. She thanked them and ran out of the the room. She ran straight into her mother’s arms.   “I did it.” She croaked.   “Yes baby, I saw you.”   “You think I got in?”   “Hmmm.. I think so you know.” Her mother tells her. Onika just beamed. She just might be going to a performing arts school   That afternoon, she went into the ice cream parlor.  She was gonna meet her boyfriend Andrew and tell him about today.   Onika’s P.O.V.   I’m here at the ice-cream parlor waiting on Andrew. That’s my boyfriend. Yes, I know what is a 14 year old doing with a boyfriend? Well, there’s not much to come home to. Mom’s always letting me be and dad is just another case by himself. I can’t really tell Jelani anything because it’ll just upset him. How can he get upset if he isn’t even isn’t really being himself and acting all moody? Anyways, back to Andrew.   He’s 16 years old. He’s really cute and very humorous. He promised me that we’ll stay together forever and that we were meant to be. He always says that 1 day; he’d want to have kids with me. He’s just so dreamy. Pretty eyes that were a mixture of green and hazel. And very plump lips. Almost every girl on the block wants him but he always turns them down. I was so surprised when he asked me to go out with him.    Ofcourse I said yes, I mean who would turn down a guy like him. Nique tells me he’s a player and breaks up with girls and even got some pregnant. I didn’t really listen to her because he told me those relationships were like up 2 3 weeks and we’re already by 3 months.   I think I see Andrew walk in. He looks around for abit and then notices me. He had a maroon beanie on over his clean cut that he must’ve gotten that morning. He kisses my cheek and sits down.   “So, how was it babe?” he asks me.   “It was great… well one of them.” I croaked. He looked at me funny.   “Babe, what’s up with your voice?”   “I lost it sinds last night.” I said sadly. He got up and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and I inhaled  his cologne. He smells so good.   “Don’t worry babygirl, it’ll be back soon.” He says while he kisses my forehead. “So tell me about the auditions.”   I told him everything. He looked me straight in the eyes when I told him. He smiled at the end.   “So babygirl’s gonna be an actress then?” he said while smirking and cocking up one eyebrow. I swear to God, he’s so handsome. I giggled and kissed him. We were kissing for a good 10 minutes before he just stopped.   “Let’s go back to my place. I have a gift for you.” He says with a look in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. It was lust. He wanted me. I could tell. I want him too, but I don’t know. Ah well, let’s go. I nodded at him and we left the parlor.   His house is about 20 minutes from mines. His parents weren’t home so we had the house to ourselves. He was putting music on the stereo while I looked around. He looked like neither of his parents. I wondered about that.   End P.O.V.   While she was looking around, he looked at her from the corner of his eyes. If only she knew what he was planning. He was happy that he finally got her and now he might be lucky.    Andrew walked up behind her and started kissing her neck. Onika started to feel a way. A feeling she never felt before. She felt like laughing and screaming at the same time. It tickled and felt really good. She turned her head to him and they kissed some more. It grew heated very fast and Andrew moved them to him bed.   As she lay under him, all Onika could think about was how good he is with her. So she basically let her have her. Andrew pulled away from her to get a condom and got right to work. Onika screamed out in pain. There was a little bit of blood on the bed. She had lost her virginity. As they were getting busy she was moaning out his name and scratching up his back.  It hurt so much, so he stopped and tried again later. They were going so fast that the condom ripped and he busted inside her. She didn’t know what would happen but he did. He looked at her abit shocked before kissing her and getting up to go shower.   Onika just laid there, her legs were really weak from it all. She really wasn’t expecting it to be so much pain yet it felt so good at the same time. She stumbled across the room looking for her clothes and put them on. She looked at the time. It read 8 p.m.   “Shit!” she said with eyes wide. She swiftly moved around the house, ignoring the pain between her legs. She made herself look presentable before looking around for Andrew. He was still in the shower. She shrugged and left.   Carol’s P.O.V.   I’m here waiting for Onika. I haven’t seen her sinds the auditions. I wanted to take her out and have a nice dinner to show her how happy I am for her.   She walked in around 8:30 p.m. She saw me and tried walking away but I called her back. She had this funny limp while walking. I shook my head and wiped my face with my palms.   “Where were you?”   “At a friend’s.” she said to me. I knew she was lying. I didn’t want to pressure her. I already knew that my little girl was no longer a virgin. I just wanted her to tell me.   “Okay, sinds you’re just coming from by a friend, why are you walking like that?” I said with one eyebrow cocked up. Her eyes widened as if she was caught.   “I-I hit my knee on t-the coffee table while we were playing hide and seek.”   “Onika… When you’re ready to tell me what really happened let me know, but for now, you’re on punishment. Goodnight.” I say to her with a stern voice. She hung her head low and pouted. I saw a tear escape her beautiful eyes. I just wanted her to tell me and stop hiding things like this away from me.   “G’night ma.” She whispered.   -Three months after-   I heard Onika throwing up once again. She keeps telling me that it’s nothing. Sometimes I want to hold her and shake her and scream at her. I already knew what had happened. She’s pregnant. My little baby, pregnant by the lord knows who.   I wanted to take her to the doctor but she refuses. Lord, what have I done wrong?    End P.O.V.   Onika went over to Nique’s house that morning after trying to eat breakfast. Nique opened the door and frowned when she saw how her friend was looking. Nique knew what her friend was here for. Onika had asked her to get a pregnancy test for her. Onika didn’t get her period for the last 3 months and she was worried. Andrew stopped picking up her calls and she didn’t know what to think.    They went straight into Nique’s bathroom and Onika took the test… As they waited, they played with Nique’s recording stuff. They rapped a little but you clearly tell that both of them were scared. Onika went back into the bathroom and read the test slowly. She screamed out which caused Nique to go in the bathroom. She read the test as well and then went and hugged Onika, who was on her bathroom floor crying. The test read pregnant. They were both shocked. What is a 14 year old to do with a baby?     -That Night-     Onika’s P.O.V.   I tried eating dinner, but my stomach wouldn’t let me. I rested my hand on my stomach and just sighed. Jelani and mom where watching me the entire time. I had put the pregnancy test in one of my pants upstairs. I was still in shock. There was a little life growing inside of me. While we were eating, somebody was knocking on the door. Mom got up and went to answer it. You could hear her yelling at someone and that person yelling back. It was the face of someone I swore that I’d never want to see again in my life. It was my dad.   “Where that little girl at?!?” he yelled at her while trying to move past my mother. I was scared. He was here for me. Oh God.   “Who’s is it?” he yelled at me. I just fiddled with my hands. “Onika I am speaking to you!”  I began sobbing. “Fine don’t tell me, but one thing for sure, you are going down to the clinic to schedule an abortion. I am not having no child of mines raise a baby in this household.”   “No!” I yelled at him while holding my stomach. “I’m not aborting my baby!”  I said with tears running down my cheeks. Jelani looked at me shocked before angrily going up to his room. Mother just stood there with tears in her eyes.  I couldn’t believe it.  How did my father know? Who could’ve told him? I was thinking so much that at a certain point everything became blurry. I blacked out.   End P.O.V.   Onika’s father scheduled the abortion for her while she was in the hospital. She had absolutely no say in this situation. She had given up her baby. She wasn’t happy. Andrew was cheating on her. Her brother wasn’t speaking to her and her father was again nowhere to be seen. Even her mother seemed to be abit different around her. The thing that sat heavily on her mind was her baby, she actually wanted to keep it. This wasn’t fair at all.
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