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A Nicki Minaj story .. Story was made to look like the actual thing..It has Drake (dricki) and Safaree (onikafaree) in it so no worries.. No ONESHOTS. :) Please leave comments/critics/tips .. it helps :) Ohh & VOTE please :) It might start of kind of low, but remember, we're looking at someone's life, so we're starting from small ..


8. I Adhear To The Nonesense

Onika's P.O.V.

I'm here at home, well my new home now. We moved again because dad was getting abit rowdy again and mom didn't want that around her. Jelani isn't speaking o me still and it has been 2 weeks sinds the 'thing'. My mother supports we and tries to convince me that I asn't ready to have a baby yet. I adhear to all that nonsense but never let it sink in. I wanted the baby, it as mine. It was mines to take care of, to love, to feed, and to have. I didn't really care what Andrew did. Speaking of him, a flashback hit's me right then.

I walked up to him while he was talking down this Asian whore-looking chick. She was blushing at whatever it was he was saying to her. He was working his charms on her. I smirked on inside remembering how I used to fall as a block for all of that. I tapped his shoulder, and he turned smiling before looking abit shocked at me.

"Uh.. H-hey"

"Hi Andrew"

"What's up, haven't seen you in a while."

"Oh funny, I’ve been seeing tons of you." I said with anger dripping from my voice.

"Look Onika, I feel that what we had was special. But I’m too young to have kids."

"Yeah I know, me too. But I would've loved to keep it." I say with a single tear running down my cheek. I was holding my now flat, empty stomach. He looked at it, and I see a wash of relief washing over him. "Your f-cking happy about this aren't you?!? I said with my voice rising.

"No, no. Not at all." he said quickly.

"Babe, I’m hungry. Can we leave?" his, I assume, new girlfriend, says to him, disrupting our 

"Nah, just hall your a**, don't you see us talking." I spat at her. She just watched me shocked before huffing off. Andrew sighed and put his hands on top his head.

"Listen Onika, we are over. I don't want to see you no more." He says to me. That cut me.

“Yeah I know nigguh. I just wanted to tell you that your a punk. Your always running from your problems. I hope that all your future girls have a womb that produces twins or more!" i yelled at him before walking off. He jus stood there baffled.

I sighed. I was so stupid to believe him. I was stupid to kiss and hug him. I was stupid to be seen with him. And most of all, I was stupid for letting him have all of me, when he didn't even deserve it at all. I lost my virginity to a dirt bag. What a waste.

I cried silently once again, I couldn't do this. I rub my stomach thinking that there is still something in there.

"I'm so sorry... Mommy loves you very much and hope that you are fine." I whisper to my stomach while rubbing it. My eyes stared to water once again. This was going to be difficult.

Jelani’s P.O.V.

I’m so disappointed in my baby sister. I thought she was better than this. Getting pregnant by one of the biggest players of our area. I could tell she was out of it lately, but what is a 14-year-old to do with a baby? I shook my head. She should’ve told me at least. I cried that night after dad said it at dinner. I could tell she was scared when she realized what he was talking about. I want to comfort her, but I still want to just ring her one for doing it in the first place.

I walked into a quiet house. Mother is at work. She’s a nurse. School’s supposed to start soon. Nika’s going to LaGuardia. I’m happy for her. My little sister, an actress. That made me smile. As I’m walking up the stairs, I could hear my sister crying once again. She’s been in this depressed state for the past 2 weeks. It always broke my heart to see her sad, so imagine how I felt about her crying. I sighed. “Why lord?” I ask myself. I walk up to her door and knock. She doesn’t answer but I still go in.

“Hey…” I say. She just stays in the same position, which is with her face in her pillow and sitting in a corner in her room.

“’Nika, I’m so sorry.” I say and my voice cracked. I could feel the tears form in my eyes. She just cried harder. I walk up to her and pick her up, hugging her as we cried together. She just continued sobbing into my shirt. She wasn’t herself that was clear to see. Her room was filled with tissues and her clothes. Her bed was not made, and she just looked like a hot mess. Her hair was all over the place. Her eyes were almost swollen shut. She looked paler and even abit skinnier. I was shocked; I didn’t know it was this bad for her.

“N-nika, please… let’s go eat something.” I said to her while slowly letting her go. She just flopped down on her bed with tiny sniffles still sounding. She felt around for something then just stopped moving. “C’mon, Nika please… for me?”

“N-no…no I have nothing else to live for. If I can’t have my baby, then I don’t deserve to live!” she
screamed at me and pulled out a small pocket knife from under her pillow.

“Nika, don’t do this please.” I said with my hands up in surrender. I didn’t want her to do this.

“No Lani, I let everyone down. I killed my baby. I have nothing.” She sobbed with the knife pointed to herself.

“Nika, I know. I really do. But look, I’m not angry with you. I know how you feel. I love you Nika, I don’t want you to do this. I know your hurting, but please just put the knife down.” I said while I inched towards her. She just sobbed. I doubt she was even stable. She was shaking. I slowly took the knife out of her hand. She gave it up without a fight.

“L-lani, what am I gonna do ?” she says to me. I sighed and looked her deep in her eyes. I took a moment to formulate my sentence.

“Move on Nika.” I say to her while cupping her face in my hands. Her eyes widened. Her tears stopped. “Besides, you look like the wife of frankenstein.” I said grinning. She cracked a small smile while moving the hair out her face.

“Whatever, you doof.” She said then threw a pillow at me. It missed me by a meter. I laughed and she did too. We wrestled for a while before cleaning up her room and getting her to eat. I think she’ll be just fine.

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