Hidden Truth

Justin Honard got bullied by the teachers and his classmates, by just being shy,soft hearted guy. But when Czarina talked to her they get along very well. But there's something hidden truth that Justin that Czarina or we don't know.

What is it?

Read to find out what is his hidden truth.


1. "dear, Diary"

"Dear, Dairy

I know it's kinda weird that a person like me is writing on a diary and like that. But what can I do Im alone, I don't have any friends. But you know Im thankful tho, that there's something or 'someone' I prefer my diary as a someone that I can let all my problems out. I -"

"Justin! Did I say to write ready?" Mrs. Clemente yells at Justin, Justin looked up a little bit shocked. "No, Ma'am" Justin said as he shake his head nervously. Mrs. Clemente her brow raised looking strict and powerful, the class starts whispering and some of them laughing silently because of how Justin shakes nervously. "What are you writing there? huh?!" Mrs. Clemente yelled again and walk where Justin sits. Justin quickly grab and hide his diary under the table but, Mrs. Clemente caught it. Justin look so afraid,nervous and already embarrassed. His heart beating fast.

Mrs. Clemente open his diary and read it outloud to the class. The class started laughing hard and while Justin hid his face of embarrassment. "That is so gay!!" Yelled a student and throws a paper at him. Boys and even girls are laughing at him, but there's one girl who is looking at Justin. Her eyes full of worry and pity.

Justin nearly to cry. Seconds later he didn't noticed that his tears started to fall. All he can hear is just laughing,harsh and judge mental words.

The bell rings loudly Mrs. Clemente stopped reading his diary with smirk on her face. "Class dismissed" Mrs. Clemente yells across the room and all the students stand up and walk out the room. "Im keeping your diary, Honard" said Mrs. Clemente as she pick up her things and walk out the room.

Justin feel so sad,broken and horrible, because that diary is his only bestfriend. Justin grabs all his books and notebook and walk out the room looking down at his feet.

Then suddenly someone poked his back.

"Justin" a soft female angelic voice said. Justin turns around and there's a girls standing infront of him. Justin smiles at her and the girl look very worried and sad for him. " I was in the class, are you okay? Im so sorry that they laughed at you." Said the girl with a hint of pity.

"It's not your fault. And they are right it's really gay of me to write on a diary." Justin said as he laugh bitterly and was about to walk away but the girls hold his arm stopping him to walk. "Hey, it's okay to write on a diary. We have our own hobby,personality. It's not being gay. I know other boys too that write on a diary." Said the girl to Justin comforting him. But it's a lie she really don't know someone or some boy writing his daily life in a diary.

"Why are you talking to me by the way? You're the only human talking to me here in school." Said Justin with a hint of confused and bitterness. "Because I know how it feels like when they calling you names. And be bullied, that's why I changed school." The girl said. "We've been talking like 2 or 3 minutes, still I don't know your name." Said Justin. The girl giggles and smiles at him. "My name is Czarina, Czarina Hashimoto. (The name pronounced "Sharina" ) Czarina introduced herself. "Justin Honard, nice to meet you." Justin said and offer his hand to shake hers. "Nice to meet you too." They shook hands and they walk to the canteen.

All eyes on them, Justin hid his face by looking down. "Held your head up high just ignore them. Think it's a empty room." Czarina said and Justin smiles at her and nodded. But the feeling embarrassed and ashamed is still in there.


The school hours passed, They have same classes and schedule. They've been talking about their selves. These two got along quickly. But there's something about Justin, that no one knows.

No one.

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