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4. Chapter 4

(Hi guys! It's currently really late here in the UK. I didn't update yesterday because I was getting prepared for the first day back at school :( I'm going to quickly write this chapter, Sorry there might be a lot of mistakes ha. I'd also like to let you know 'Somewhere only we know' By Lily Allen relates a lot to this story, well, starting this chapter and oo be excited because i am)

Cleo's POV

It's my first day at college, I must say, the beds in this house are extremely comfy.

"Rose are you up?!" I hear Zayn's voice from the other side of the door, Causing me sit upright.

"No. I'm getting up now though" I reply while walking towards the door, my grey sweatpants falling over my feet causing me to pull them up to open the door for my brother.

"Oh, alright." He answers while I pull open the door "I was just checking you were awake. I'm gonna make breakfast, be downstairs soon yeah?" He tells me while I nod with a yawn.

"Okay, I'll come down" I smile at him before he nods his head and walks away from the door.

I quickly close the door and grab my clothes from my desk that I left the night before to be extra prepared, Heading to the bathroom located in the corner of my bedroom, Slamming the door shut before quickly undressing and getting into the warm shower.

I hadn't realised I was standing in the shower draining my thoughts away for so long until placing my watch onto my wrist while leaving the bathroom. My room was a tip, I hadn't finished packing yesterday after Harry left, He was just another problem that I couldn't stop worrying about. I rolled my eyes at my pathetic thoughts about to come back before grabbing my bag and throwing it over my shoulder, Grabbing my jacket before quickly walking to the door, making sure to lock it behind me.

Zayn's not a bad cook, Once I had finished eating my eggs and toast I looked around the kitchen to find I'm the only person eating breakfast. I always thought frat house's were full of people, Expecially this early in the morning since there was a party last night, But nobody was around.

"Hi Cleo!" Liam chirped while walking into the kitchen with a bin bag, Pushing it into the cuboard, he turned to me.

"Hey Liam. Why were you cleaning so early?" I asked while taking a sip on my juice.

"Oh, Zayn didn't want you feeling out of place this morning, He had us up early and cleaning up" He laughed, Sitting across from me on one of the bar stools at the island. "Oh right." I replied blankly, Looking at my watch before downing the rest of the juice.

"Where is Zayn anyway? He's suppose to drive me to school this morning since my dad's still not brought my car" I huff, Standing to my feet.

"He's in the living room, I wouldn't go in there just now" He smiled a little before walking over to the sink. I frowned a little, nodding eventhough he couldn't see me before grabbing my bag and jacket from the floor and heading for the living room door.

"Just don't touch her Harry!" Zayn spat. Harry's laugh echo'd through the door, Causing me to roll my eyes before leaning up against the wall beside the door. "I'm being serious Harry. We don't get along, i mean come on, I bust your lip just because you were in her room. You and Louis are the only two still at college, She'd do anything to have that hot soccer player boyfriend, She's dreamt of that shit for years. Don't let it happen. She comes near you, ignore her. Same goes for Louis, But he won't make a move, He's banging too many, Ok?"

Zayn's words almost make me choke on the spot right outside, Who cares if he hears me. He can't tell me what to do, He can't tell Harry what to do. Part of me is glad that I won't have to deal with Harry flirting but another part is angry as fuck because I almost wanted him to flirt with me.

"Right. Jeez, I got it." Harry snapped me from my thoughts, My eyes widened and I quickly walked towards the door, Looking down as the door opened.

"Hey Cleo" I hear Harry mumble to me while walking past me and through the doors, Followed by Zayn with a quiet 'C'mon'.

The drive to college was nerve-wracking. Expecially since I was sat in the back of Zayn's car with Zayn constantly looking through the mirror to make sure i'm not staring at Harry in the passenger seat. He's so annoying and getting on my very last nerve. I love Zayn, We were really close but he's driving me crazy with his attidude.

Zayn's POV

It's not that I don't want Cleo to grow up and date. I just don't want her falling in love with a fucker like Harry Edward Styles and him breaking her heart. Harry never dates anyway, Atleast i've not noticed he dates.

"We're here. Look, i can't exactly take you in because only students and visitors are allowed in. But, I take it your know where your going?" I ask Cleo while parking as close to the building as possible so she doesn't have to walk with Mr Perfect beside me.

"Yeah, i have a map if i get lost." She states, I hear Harry snigger beside me, I glare at him before signalling him to get out. "Have fun" I quickly say to her before watching her and Harry walk into the building. Oh the joys.

Cleo's POV

I look up at Harry a few times while he walks beside me, he's beautiful from the side. I've never dated, nor had a boyfriend, and i'm nineteen! I frown before realising me and Harry have stopped walking and he's moving his hand infront of me face.

"Oh, Sorry, yeah, What were you saying?" I smile at him, Looking down with a blush.

"I haven't said anything..Yet. Look, About what I sai-" I cut him off before he makes this a lot worse that what it is. "No, I'm sorry. I should have just told you i'm his sister. I'm just sick of being treated like a kid and I didn't want to be known as a snob ya know" I chuckle, Causing Harry to laugh too. "Yeah, I get it. Well, I don't think your a snob. Your just like your brother." He tells me, I roll my eyes and laugh softly. "No. Nothing like him, He's a dick."

"You got that right." He smiles, Looking up and down the corridor before back at me. "I heard what he said to you this morning...I just want to let you know, i'm glad your not obeying his rules"

"I wasn't going to obey his rules anyway Cleo, He doesn't realise that I'm a person." He laughs causing me to laugh too. "Well, It's nice talking, But I really have to get going" I bite my lip as he nods understandidly.

"What are you studying anyway?" He asks me before I realise I haven't even told anyone.

"I really want to be writer, Like, An Author" I chuckle as my cheeks flush, His mouth opens a little and his eyes grow a little wider. "So, Your taking like literature and history classes?" He asks me while I nod. "No way, I am too!" He smiles, flashing his pearly whites.

"Seriously?" I ask in disbelief as he nods quickly. "Yes, We'll be in like the exact same classes, let's see your schedule" He tells me while I go into my bag and remove the schedule I got from my father yesterday. He scans over, his smirk growing to a large smile. "Yep, Same classes. That's cool" He nods.

I nod too and push my schedule back into my bag. "Well, Are you going to lead me then?" I ask, Raising an eyebrow as he chuckles and nods, Leading me to our class.

I check my watch and realise my day at college ends in ten minutes. Today went super fast, It was such a great start to the semester. Harry was such a help, Even moving seats so that I wasn't sitting like a retard all alone at the front. He doesn't do any of the work and in the last five minutes i've noticed him copying me, I don't understand why he's in the higher classes. His friend Louis was in a few of the classes with us today, He seems nice although he brings out the worst in Harry, from what I see. I don't know how many time Harry tapped me on the shoulder during our Religious lesson to ask me all sorts of questions, The one that shocked me a little was 'Have you ever been fucked?' which didn't come out of Harry nor Louis' lips but came out of a short brunette, I noticed her name was 'Julia Harvey' from the register earlier today. She didn't speak a word to me after I shook my head, Although I knew her smirk was staying on those stupid lips for as long as I continued to write.

I was more than glad when the bell rung, signalling us that the day was over. I hadn't signed up for any stupid clubs so I knew I could just leave. Harry told me he had soccer practise and that I could stay behind and watch, But after this morning I don't want to be anywhere near the soccer fields.

When I left the cold air suddenly hit me, I pulled my coat tighter around me and searched for Zayn's car, Finally find it I speed walked to it and climbed into the passenger seat.

"Did you have a good first day?" He asks me, Something about his tone makes me wonder if he really cares. "Yes, Brilliant day." I smile, He nods his head while I buckle my seat belt.

"Cool" He says blankly before driving out of the parking lot and down the road towards the house. "Yes, Before you ask. There's a party, And No. You can't drink. I left some fancy wine in your room incase you really needed a drink, Ok?" He tells me while I nod.

Once Zayn parks the car at the front of the house we get out, I frown and fold my arms across my chest, checking my watch. How could teenagers party so early in the day, They've probably just came here straight after College or Work. I look up and roll my eyes to see a grinning Harry standing at the end of the path, "Miss me?" he acts with a laugh, i look around to see Zayn standing over at the front of the car, Talking to Perrie, I believe.

"What happened to soccer practise?" I asked him while pushing him by the chest a little and leading him into the house.

"Heard a back to college party was being hosted and thought i'd join in." He replies while following me upstairs. "But you don't drink" I look at him before focusing on where i'm going again.

"No, But i protect." He tells me, I already know he's talking about me so i just laugh and walk to the back of the hall where my room was located before he swiftly grabs my hand to stop me from walking.

"Cleo, I know you probably have a shit load of stuff to do, But i'm not sitting in there watching you. How about, We go somewhere, Somewhere only we know." He smiles, I chuckle and raise an eyebrow "Um..Okay." I shrug, He nods and leads me to my room, He goes into my pocket of my jacket for my key, Oh the little things he does.

"We'll just climb out here, It's safe and the place I want to show you is just through there" He points to the forest I can see clearly from the window, i nod and throw my bag to the floor before following him to the window, Hoping out onto the balcony with him and closing the window afterwards. He kept a strong grip of my waist while helping me jump each landing, I take a deep breath of relief while he landed onto the ground, I raise an eyebrow when I realise we're in the garden and could have easily taken the stairs, "Your so complicated" I groan and follow him to the fence where he again grips my waist to help me over the it.

"Okay, Let's go" He smiles, Slowly sliding his hand into mine.

I've basically only knew him a day and we're already sneaking out the house, walking through a forest with interwined fingers. This is beyond beautiful but a huge step for me.

I look at the fallen tree in a distance and let out a deep breath, "I feel bad for the tree's that fall over or get cut down." I laugh a little at my stupidity but Harry nods and smiles "Me too." We stop at it and he sits on it, I look at it with a disgusted look and then down to my jeans. "I take that back, You are a snob. Sit" He laughs before I quickly sit and look around.

Despite the fact that it's getting dark, I can still see everything so perfectly. This tree is amazing, Just laying across the pathway. It feels almost surreal, As if it's a dream. I knew from this moment on, This tree and this area of the woods will be somewhere we'd grow to love. I looked up at Harry and he's looking around just me, That's when i realised eventhough I'm a Malik, We're a lot alike. Culture and Nature wise.

"Cleo...I know we've just met and I've actually never took a girl out like this before...but i don't want you thinking I'm only doing this because i want to piss off your brother. I truly do find you different from the other girls." He squeezes my hand, Looking straight into my golden brown eyes.

"Aw Harry" I chuckle, Blushing a little. "You listen, I never really got a woman to listen to me as a kid." He bit his lip, Looking away. "You can tell me" I remind him, Shuffling a little closer for warmth.

He nods and takes a deep breath, "Okay, I think It's time I get some answers from you too so, here it goes...My parents split up. Not because they were fighting though, I know that's what a lot of people expect how their parents split up. But not mine. My mum and dad still get along really well now, Amazingly acctually. Eventhough my mums re-married. As a kid, My mum was really depressed because my dad didn't show affection towards her. She used to ignore me or just simply answer words like yes or no but nothing too mainstream. I understood it was only because my dad didn't speak to her,and I'm a lot like my dad" He stops for a breath "Anyway, Because she never listened I decided to come and pretend I didn't know about you moving into my room yesterday" I gasp a little before returning to my normal self "I just wanted to see you. I saw you when you first came and there was just something about the way your eyes poured into mine, I realised you were going to be my hope. My only chance to be able to finally tell my story, And I'd like to thank you for that. Anyway, My parents eventually split up. I was in between families for a while before my mum finally decided enough was enough and that she'd step up her plate and become a normal mum again. So, Here I am in Seattle, Living the life. I keep in regular touch with her, And my sister, Gemma. Although, I barely speak to my dad, he didn't bother to speak to me so why would i speak to him." He shrugs and smiles "So Yeah. My lifes pretty perfect, But I don't know how to talk to woman." He laughs.

I smile and nod before taking a deep breathe and awaiting his questions. "I want to know, Why you were never properly educated. Why a hot person like you is still a virgin, And Why you and Zayn are so weirdly close" He laughs before I nod and laugh along. "Okay, I wasn't properly educated because my father was really over protective, He grew Zayn up to be just like him, Over protective his his loved ones, Although, He allowed Zayn to go to public schools. I'm still a virgin because I only ever went to the mall like once a month or to my family bakery. Despite the amount of money my family have, We never went on holiday or did silly things like that. So I never got the chance to meet a guy and, Me and Zayn are so weirdly close because he is the only guy I know, Along with Niall and Liam ofcourse. I had no other people round about my age around me so I had to get close to him." I finish with a sigh and look away. "Niall said, I had to stop listening to him, because he know I won't get the future I wanted. I know he's right" I look back at Harry "But, I have nothing to keep me on track. Hey, I have you though, You'll probably keep me a little further away from my protective prick of a brother, am i right?" I ask him as he laughs "I'm already doing that" He smiles.

I chuckle and look down "So, We're both lonely needing the opposite sex, I'm guessing?" Harry asks me, I blush but nod. "Not in a sexual way though, Mate. I'm expecting some romantic dates before that" I nudge his shoulder as he laughs. "On it" He nods, Pulling me to my feet. "Let's get back to this shit house" He tells me and I nod, He lets go of my hand and smirks "Race ya". I laugh and we both started running.

The forrest is so beatiful, While running I came across butterflies, birds and just any beautiful creature before coming to a stop literally. "Shit, I forgot there was a fence there" I mumble while rubbing my nose, I hear Harry snicker while helping me to my feet. "You ok?"

"Never better" I roll my eyes, rubbing my nose before he helps me across the fence again, Looking down at me, I know he's expecting something, But i'm just not ready. "Goodbye Harry" I kiss his cheek swiftly before turning and walking back to my room through the crowded halls, How beautiful was that. I don't know if i'll ever be able to sleep with the amount of butterflies in my stomach.

(Awkkk. Told ya that Lily Allen song came in here ;) Ok so, I made this a longgggggg chapter because i won't be updating for a while, Maybe Thursday i'll update again. So for now, Tweet me @zippernouis + Vote & Comment, Thankss.x) -Didn't edit this sorry for the spelling mistakes etc-

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