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2. Chapter 2

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Cleo's POV

This house isn't as bad as I expected, it's clean and even smells fresh plus I've only seen my brother and Niall so far although, I knew something was up, either Zayn kicked everyone out or he had another party last night before we arrived and had everyone running around like head less chickens to make this place spotless before we arrived. "So, How have you been then Cleo?" Zayn asked as he lead me to the kitchen, our parents following. "Good, How about you ? Anything interesting happened?" I asked with a cheeky smirk as I walked by him to lean against the Island. "Nah." He said blankly, looking over at my parents before back to me. I rolled my eyes and looked straight passed him and down the corridor.

There he was, Harry Styles. I found him absolutely beautiful, Although, Zayn told me horrible things about him like how he sleeps with every girl he meets and how he's always drunk. I couldn't care less about the sleeping with girls thing but I was so curious to why he was constantly drinking.

"Styles!" Zayn yelled, causing me to jump and even my mother to whisper a quiet "oh my". You would think she was used to Zayn being loud and bossy but obviously not.

I watched him slowly look between me and Harry before he walked infront of me to close the door, I let out a quiet huff and folded my arms across my chest before our dad spoke up. "So, Zayn. How's college?" He asked his eldest son. If only he knew that Zayn hasn't even been to college since the breakup with Perrie. He acted like he couldn't care less about her, but deep down he definitely loved her and just didn't understand why he cheated.

Perrie Edwards. Well, all I can say is 'Wow'. I've met her a few times, Zayn used to bring her to our house whenever he was off college. I grew to like Perrie until Zayn got completely drunk and cheated while Perrie was on holiday. She wasn't like the other girls, She was nice, sweet and had nothing to do with the partying and drinking. She only had one goal in life and that was to become a nurse. Zayn tore that away from her, Begging her to skip classes and make her late every morning. If I'm being honest, I'm glad she left him and managed to catch up on her school work, but I'm obviously completely heartbroken for Zayn.

"What?!" Zayn yelled, I looked between my father and Zayn to then realise he already told him about me going to his college while I was on some kind of daydream about him and Perrie. "Cleo, you cant come here" he said quietly while approaching me. He always got his way and it's about time I did what I wanted. "No, Zayn. I'm done with you being that protective big brother. I'm 19 for god sake ! I've never socialised, ever. Not to mention, I actually want to go to college for my job. Unlike you" I spat, looking away from his angry features. I love Zayn, of course I do. He's my big brother after all. He just had other plans for me.

"Cleo, you know what college is like. You didn't even go to school, College is worse" he pressed his thumb and index finger on the bridge of his nose and took a deep breathe. "Fine. You go to college. You sleep in those stupid dorms. You get involved. From this moment on, Your not my sister and you don't know me, ok?" I quickly looked over at my mother and father who were having their own conversation at the other end of the kitchen, nodding slowly. "Fine Zayn. But just so you know, Dad thinks your going to offer me to stay here rather than the dorms" I tried to hold back the smirk while his eyes widened. "No fucking way".

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