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1. Chapter 1

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Cleo's POV

High school was different, Well, Apparently. Being Zayn Malik's little sister was different too. He never allowed me to go school, nor his college, Apparently it was too 'Dangerous' Yeah, According to him. After begging my mum, or should I say 'our' mum for about 5 months, She has finally allowed me to join Seattle's finest college, Just where my brother is. I've never been as far as the mall a few blocks from my house, I was home schooled and worked at our family bakery a few doors from our house in Tennessee. Zayn moved into a frat house in Seattle with his best friends Niall and Liam ages ago. I barely see him now, So I decided to step up my plate and get to college, His college was perfect for me as my father said. The only hard thing about this trip is Zayn finding out, It's now only one day till I pack up and move into one of the dorms at the college in Seattle, And my big brother doesn't even know yet.

"Cleo, Do you have all your books and equipment like that?" My annoying over-protective mother asks while walking round the island in the middle of the kitchen with a bowl of some kind of mixture inside it. "Yes, I'm ready to go mum" I whine while sitting on one of the large stools at the breakfast bar. "i'm just worried..Zayn's not the easiest guy with surpirses" She sighs quietly while pouirng the mixture into a tray. She's right, he's not the easiest. Even birthday presents send him over the edge when he doesn't find out what they are before his actual birthday just incase he was going to be disapointed. "I'm not exactly worried about Zayn mum...I'm worried about getting to Seattle and into my dorm" I smirk a little after the word Dorm, I've seen all these pictures and movies where the dormetries are the fun part about College, Zayn has told many stories about the stuff that's happened in his dorm, Which he now doesn't live in because apparently the fraternity house is a lot better.

"Cleo, You know that I will be there, Next to you while you walk into that dorm. I didn't go with Zayn on his first day at college and now he doesn't even stay in his dorm." My mum speaks up, Snapping me from my thoughts about the marvellous frat parties.

"Okay, Okay." I sigh. She may have been one of the most annoying mothers I know, but she knows her stuff. "I'll be upstairs." I state while hoping down off the bar stool and leaving my mother to her baking.

Zayn's POV

Harry Styles, that annoying bastard always seems to be lurking around this house no matter how many times we tell him to fuck off. He doesn't even drink, he just stands around acting as if he's the most beautiful creature ever, he's really not. "Styles!" I spat while walking down the stairs of the house, picking up red plastic cups that filled the stairs and throwing them into a black bin bag as I did.

"What?" He groaned, Straightening his back on one of the chairs left in the hall way. "You invited half the people last night, So tidy up" I glared at him, Handing him the black bag before walking by him and into the living area, Still covered in passed out bodies and rubbish.

"Everybody up!" I yelled, Even grabbing Niall's arm and bringing him to his feet "Get these people out of here, this is the worst party we've had" he sighed but nodded, Waking up drunken bodies and guiding them out the house.

I wouldn't normally send people out the house this early but my dad has told me that he's visiting this afternoon and that he's bringing Cleo and my mother. I don't understand why, Cleo was always hidden away from this side of me and now I have to clean up this house and act a little normal after three days of partying. "Liam, can you make sure Harry tidy's up and get him out of here before Cleo gets here, you know how he is" I roll my eyes as he laughed and nodded. Harry used to be really close to me, we ran this place like brothers. Until he stopped drinking and just wanted to cause trouble by inviting a lot more people to this house or getting into fights with me. His best mate, Louis, is just as bad, bringing in a girl to shag every night and leaving them in one of those rooms passed out. I shivered at the thought while quickly leaving the kitchen to go upstairs, the last thing I want is for some random girl running by parents when they believe I'm in a committed relationship, pft that ended ages ago.

Cleo's POV

The nerves were eating me alive, we drove along the narrow streets of Seattle. I can't believe my father told Zayn we were coming to visit, it basically ruined my plan. I knew he'd do it though, he didn't want me any were near those dorms and wanted me in that house with him, which I couldn't do, I knew what went on in there and half of the people.

"We're here" my mother stated, I slowly looked up from my phone and out the window, seeing the large house with a cleaned up Zayn on the porch.

"Yay" I sighed, Climbing out the back of the car and walking up the path to greet my brother.

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