Without You

{For the Appleshine Mum, Loony, may she rest in peace.} The House Appleshine is rocked when they find out that their mother, Luna, has fallen ill. With their lives changing left and right, they've begun to have strains on the family ties as they struggle to cope with their mother's illness.


3. Chapter Three

     Girlie walked back to the group, leaving her older cousin to do whatever he needed to do. Honestly, she was quite embarrassed. Although she was only seven, she was very mature for her age. She acted like a teen. Possibly her maturity was just the fact she hid her feelings well, mainly because she had to. (The kids at school thought the idea of someone with two mothers was hilarious.) She had gotten so good at it that most her family members couldn't tell if her the smile on her face was genuine or simply painted on.

     "What did Mom say?" Prez asked. "Does she know what's going on?"

     "She was just as surprised as we were." Girlie replied. She stared at her older sister, wondering what on Earth was going on in her head. She knew that Prez must have been scared or something of the sort, but like Girlie herself, Prez looked emotionless. Girlie imagined that she was only trying to stay strong for everyone, but sometimes, for only a moment, a mixture of fear and sadness flashed in her eyes. Then, as quick as it came, it disappeared.

     "Well, is she coming?" Ink questioned. She was biting her lip, just like she always did when she was nervous, or scared, or guilty, or happy. Pretty much, she always did it.

     "She's taking a plane here."

     "How long until it gets here?"

     "I don't know."

     "You should have asked!" Ketsia said. "I don't like waiting around!"

     "I know you don't," Prez told her, wrapping her arm around her. "But you're not waiting alone. I'm here, and so is Ink and Zach and Girlie. And Mom will be here soon."

     Alex walked in the room, twisting her class ring around, around, around on her finger. Oh, no! Girlie thought. It must be bad news. He only messes with his ring when he's upset. Sure enough, the first words out of her mouth were, "You may want to sit down. I called the hospital, and the news isn't pretty.'

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