Winter Wonderland ღ


1. ωιηтєя ωση∂єяℓαη∂


He knew her Winter Wonderland

It was snowflakes settling on the crisp white ground.

It was marrying a prince and having him at her side

He wanted to become her prince.


Snowflakes began to fall

All unique and beautiful in their own way

Like her, his love who held onto his hand

The one he couldn't live without not even for a day

It was a perfect occasion as snowflakes caressed the ground

Filling the air causing them to smile

As both of them sat across from the lake

He knew it was time there could be no mistakes


He tightens his grip and looks all around

"It's too soon" He whispers as he hears a faint sound

He gets on one knee and pulls out a box

Then he says the words she's been longing to hear

They ring in her ears

Fill her face with delight

Yes she says as she pulls him in tight

She places a kiss and pulls him in closer

"I love you" they whisper into the night


It was a beautiful Christmas marriage proposal

She embraces the man then remembers his words

"It's too soon"

Confusion hits and she's full of concern

then out jumped the family

gathered, cheering and clapping

As they gaze at the couple they lovingly know

and they all walked together

Out through the thick snow


This was her Winter Wonderland

And he had become her prince


- ღ -


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