MidNight Memories

Breathtaking story. Friendship that would never end. A story based on LOVE. A promise.


2. Did I Realized?

Me and Sara were just have an ice-cream and we sat back at the football field. I love the smell. I take my guitar and start plucking some chords.

"Do you've bored?" Sara asked.

"About what?" I smiled and just plucking my guitar.

"About you. Hannah, people talked about you! You was the only girl in this college that's a virgin. You heard my word? VIRGIN!"

"What's wrong about that? I thought it's okay" I denied.

"Well it's okay.But you know,people talked about you and ...."

'Who? Harry? Harold Edward Styles?. No Sara. I would'nt date him. And he 100% sure does not wannna got out with me. You know that. But you know,it's get me killed. I dont know why him."

 Sara laugh.

"Well,If i were you,I will come to him and start to snogg."

"Euu. You're gross"

We laughed. And Sara start to do some action if she met Harry.

Suddenly, I can feel the boys are come in.

'Come on. We should go now,the boys will pissed off"

Sara followed me.


It was 7 o'clock and I still dont have my meal. Mom was really tired so i guess I just stop and buy some McD. Im driving this time. I take my lovely little brother with me. Well,he's named after my father, Chester Mortez. 

When i've arrived. I could see that's long of queue. So i guess i just eat there.


"Yes miss,What can i get for you?"

" I would like to have erm nuggets and fries please" Chester was mumbling the words that i've said. And I just smiled and I said "Babies :)"

The cashier was like "Uh-huh" and smiled.

We took a table which far away than people. I loved quiet.So do Chest.

I put Chest on a baby stroller and I do my assignment while eating. Chester was a good sleeper. Like dad.

Dad always told me that I'm beautiful in every way. And he once telled me, if he died, dont ever let my mom and Chest hurt. I promised.

Wow. I get too emo. I can feel my tears flow and cant stop. I just talked to myself and "im so dumb"

"No. you are not." A voice.

I know the voice. It's Harry.

He's looking at me and starting to smiled. "Hi:)"

And i just. I feel the whole world stop. 

"What are you doing here Styles?"

"Im gardening. No im not. Im eating"

"Well,do you followed me?"

"Heck no."

It's a dumb question Hannah. Stop it,

"Why are you crying?" He took a chair and sit infront of me.Give me the patience look for something.

"Nothin.I was not crying. I just felt a little moments. Of my ..." I stop.

"You know,Hannah, Your Dad was a great man. Great attitude. He's okay.Cheered up." Harry smiled and I just felt like I need a hug.

But then, My head starting to like, "seriously,at McDonalds?" and I just trying to get rid of the feeling.

"I know Harry, I'll already know. Thank You for that."

"You say it twice are'nt you?Well look who we have here. Chester! How are you man!" Harry takes Chester out of his stroller and start to playing with Chester.


Chester starting to grinning and giggling when Harry starting to poke him. There're people look at us. Trying to understand and what it is.


I can catch Harry's eyes lookin deep into my eyes. I was'nt suprised. And i just felt like yeah. You look at me. 

"So,tell me Harry Styles.Tell me.Why me?" I need a reason. Why me. Why does people ship me with him? Why? He is too good for me. Im not a somebody. Im just anybody.

"Not a suitable place my dear.Wanna go to the beach?" Harry told me while his hands still playing with Chest.

"What?Crazy huh? How about this pumpkin?" 

"This little pumpkin?Bring him along.I love to have this awesome boy with us." Harry grinned.

"My car or yours?"

"Yours definetely. I walked."

"I see.So let's go I think" 

We started to walk out from McD and im driving.

"Seatbelts please gentlemen?"

"Sure.My lady" Harry smiled and Chest,as always, chuckled.

As we arrived,Chest was sleeping soundly on Harry's chest.

"So let's ..."

"Shhhhhuhhh.He's sleeping" Harry tried to put Chest back on his stroller at the back of the car.

"I wanna go out" I said.

"Well,where are we?" Harry start to questioning.

"Why me?"

"I dont know. You're a someone who people don't date with. But people make love with.That's why I kissed you at the prom last year.Instead of kissing that bitch.i'm sorry. Tiffany." Harry looked at me genuinely.

"Huh? What wait! So im kind of a toy for you?!" My voise starting to raise.

"Hey.Chest were sleeping."

"Woah. That's why people start to talk about me and you. Talk about me became your fake kiss" I protest.

"You know that is not a fake kiss.It's a true kiss" Harry look at me.

"Well,ya. But the collegeus are'nt! They think im such a whore.Because you just like pull me and kissed me like you always ...."

Harry pulled me and shut my mouth with his hand and we gettin closer.

"Babe,you talk too much.Shut up princess" Harry grinned.

"But mmmnmndbwvfgifhskjhfielifhgfetwufageifhyagf89w7yoa"

"Aaaa i can't hear you" Harry's laugh bust. He slowly open my mouth and said "You're not a toy.You are my saviour.Thank you," Harry smiled.

"You and Sara think like that but not the college." I was like kinda starting to lose my balance.

"Shhh.They don't know about us darling." Harry whispered. "Just you and me" 

"And Sara." I whispered back.

"What? Does she know???" Harry eyes widen.

"I told her everything" I smiled.


'Everything.Mr.Styles." I looked at his eyes.

"So,if I kissed you. Right now.Just You and I, Right now,and we started to be like ..."

Harry's hand was back at my neck and I can feel the warm.And I just want it to be like this.Everytime.But I cant. I can't.


"Woah. Easy there tiger. Not here. Chest awake." I push him and get in the car.

I can see he smiled and grinned.


"Is that an excuse?" Harry get in the car .

"Naa.That's not.It's true, See his awak....." I turn around and I could see Chest still sleeping in his stroller.

"He's sleeping weirdo." Harry looked at me and start to mocking me.

"Stop that Styles.I could've leave you here and kill you" 

"No. You're not. You love me.Since the first grade. Right Hannah?"Harry glance at me and I just,in my heart, Yeah it's true. I love you.

"Nope.Definitely no.And stop that killing look.Im driving"

"You love me.Hannah Mortez love me.You love me"Harry tried to annoyed me with a cute style.

" I just.No "

*1 hour driving and arrived at Harry's house*

"Here we go.See you later then."

"Well yeah." He kissed me by the cheeks and yeah like so fast. And I could say,he's Pro.

"That's illegal."

Harry shrugged and look at Chest(who was still sleeping) "Bye awesome,"

Harry run out from the car and waved.

I smiled. 


Somehow, I hate the truth. But i love his reasonable reason. I love his passionate smile. I love his dimples. I love everything about you Harry. Everything.Like almost is never enough.

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