Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


1. Challenge and letters

It was November. The tour almost ended but the boys and their team decided to took a holiday to America so the boys, Lou and Lux spent more then a week with each other. The last day Lou said Harry something. 

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that you can take care of children! I want to see if you're a good godfather for her.' Lou said calm. Harry looked weird. 'A week? And what if I loose?' Harry said. 'You can't loose. I know you can do it. And if you loose you.... have to take care Lux with Niall.' Lou said. 'Why take care of her with Niall?' Harry asked. 'Because I want to see if you're a good father later and maybe you could learn something from Niall and he could learn something from you.' Lou said. It was quick answer. 'Yeah right. Learn something from Niall?' Harry rolled his eyes.

'Can I think about the challenge?' Harry asked. 'Yes, but I have to know it tomorrow.' Lou said and held Lux in her arms. She walked away. Harry was confused and didn't know what to choose. He thought about it but he can't choose. He asked the boys. 'Lou has given me a challenge but I don't know what to do with it?' Harry said. 'Tell it to uncle Niall.' Niall said and laughed with his quote. 'Well, fifteen minutes ago Lou gave me the challenge to take care of Lux for a week. If I lose I have to take care of Lux with Niall for a week.' Harry said. The boys except Niall laughed. 'What me? No thanks.' Niall said. 'I love Lux but I don't want to be a gay family with Harry.' Niall said. The boys laughed. 

'It's my opinion too. But she's sure that I don't lose it. I don't know I think she hide something.' Harry said. It was but she couldn't say that to Harry because if he know this he wouldn't do it. Nobody have to know about it. 'Don't think about that Harry, she wants to see you play with Lux. Boys with children are adorable, women think.' Louis said. 'Maybe I should that the challenge?' Harry asked. 'I should do it. You can prove that you're a real man. Real man can take care of his family.' Zayn said. Harry laughed. 'Thanks for your advice.' Harry said. 'But mate... don't loose please! I don't wanna be a gay with you spending a week in the same bed and holding hands.' Niall said and the boys laughed. 'I'll lose it especially for you, Niall.' Harry said and threw a kiss to Niall. 'You're crazy Styles!' Niall said. 

Lou was holding Lux. She made a bottle for Lux. 'Here princess your bottle has arrived!' She said to Lux. 'Gaga!' Lux mumble. She's 1 years and she can talk a little bit but she made also baby sounds like 'Gaga, gugu, gaba' and many more. Lux drank her bottle. After she burped, Lou put Lux in her crib. 'Have a nice road in your dreamland, princess.' She said and kissed Lux on her forehead. Tears fallen of Lous cheeks. She decided to go to her table and grabbed some paper and a pen. She wrote first a letter for Niall:

Dear Nialler,
You know that I really love you but I have to leave you... I'm crying now when I write this letter but I have to write this because after a week I won't be able to do this. I will be gone... You have to take care of Lux and the boys. Promise? I'm gonna miss your beautiful smile and your jokes. I hope you can keep an eye on Harry and Lux because Harry is her godfather. I gave him a challenge to take care of my daughter a week. After that week I will be gone so he can get used to her. Be yourself always and I will see you above the sky later. Love you with all my heart my Irish boy. x Lou your stylist

The next one was Louis:

Dear Louis,
My favorite boy of Doncaster, I really love you but I think I can't stay here on Earth. I hope you'll marry Eleanor. She's a nice girl. I hope you will have the fun to get children. One thing: Will you keep an eye on Lux and Harry. I gave Harry the challenge because I will be dead after that week and I want that Harry will take care of my little princess. I know he can take care of her! He's her godfather. But don't forget Louis, you have a special place in my heart! x Lou your stylist

Now it's Zayns turn:

Dear Zayn,
Give Perrie a big hugg after you read this because I love her and you love her. I hope you have nice wedding with her. She's a wonderful woman for you. I love you Zayn and I hope you can keep an eye on Harry and Lux because after the week of the challenge I won't be here on Earth anymore. Harry is her godfather and will be her new family... like you guys you will her uncles like you were when I lived. You will always be in my heart. x Lou your stylist

Lou cried silent. She doesn't want to make her princess awake. Now Liam and then the difficult ones, she thought. Lux and Harry , her darlings... Liams letter:

Dear Liam,
When I saw you on the X-factor I knew you would make it. And I'm right about that. You have a good career with the boys. You're daddy directioner and I hope you will keep an eye on my princess and Harry. I did the challenge because I will be gone after the challenge. I can't live anymore... It's a long situation but know that I love you and the boys and my Lux forever! You will be forever in my heart. Be yourself Liam and I think Danielle and you will be perfect together. x Lou your stylist

Lou was crying and hoping that she doesn't have to go... She swallowed and picked 2 papers. One for Harry, one for Lux. A paper with a Rose for Lux and one blue for Harry. She sighted and picked her pen up. She wrote the one for Harry:

Dear Harry,
Sorry that I've lied to you about the challenge. It was a challenge but it was also because when you read this, I'm gone. And that's why I let my daughter with you. I trust you. You're the only one who could treat her like a princess. I love you Harry. You're my best friend and I know you could do this. The boys will help you. I want that you remember me how I was so I held this as a secret. You will be now Lux's father. Tom left me with her and I will be her mother always but I think she will have an another mother when you have a girlfriend. Tell her about everything what we did or what I did or the boys. I love you as a friend and more and I know Lux will have a good father with you. 
I didn't say that I will be gone because you don't believe it or will be mad... I want that you be happy. Give my daughter love, kisses and huggs will you? I know you can do it. I can't say more, because I'm crying... I love you Harrold Styles. Take care of my daughter and yourself. x Lou stylist and best friend

Tears fell over her cheeks. Now a letter for her daughter for later: 

Dear Lux, my dearest daughter,
Don't forget, mommy loves you. She's now in heaven but you will stay by Harry, your father now. Your biological father left me so when I knew I was sick and can't live anymore so long. I decided that Harry had to take care of you because he's your godfather plus he will treat you like a princess. I think you will read it on your 10 or when you're older then 10. I hope you know that mommy loves you? Maybe you have an another mommy now but I'll be in your heart when you need me. I cried when I wrote this so I hope you know how much you mean for me, little darling. Harry and the boys will take care of you. I know they do! When you're have your first period they will help you, and when you have your first boyfriend. With everything they help you. I will miss your first moments in your life. Your first boyfriend, your wedding, your children, ... When you opens this you will see some pictures and more.. I love you Lux don't forget that... x your mom Lou

Lou sighted and she cried again. She put some money and pictures in Harry's and Lux's envelop.





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